Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hokey? Moi?

Good Morning! it's snowing and I am not happy about it. I actually preferred the odd snow storm that we had on Sunday. Sadly my extended family was battling the tricky roads to return to their homes, I was snug by the fire place with my lap top and Eagles game on the television. Did I feel bad for them? yes! But there was nothing that I could do except say a prayer for their safe return and watch the coolest game of the year....or perhaps the most slippery game of the year...the Eagles versus the Lions.

And now, it snows again and I have to go out in it. Tink has to work this morning and I am not going to let her drive. She is still fairly new behind the wheel and I do not feel that she is ready for snow. What am I saying? I know that she is not ready for snow travel. So, we will bundle up, grab a blanket or two, some snacks, and head out. No, I am not going to the Antarctica, but I am following the directions for snow travel on the news. Did I leave anything out?

On Sunday, we made a grim discovery....the snow blower has blown its last snowflake. This is bad...very bad....extremely dire....quick, where can I take it? Is there a snowblower emergency room that can fill it with oil and gas through an intravenous and discharge it back to my garage? Again, this is NOT good. I spent years shoveling out from blizzards and snow storms and finally we bought the snow blower....a big beautiful red machine that can clear the drive way in minutes.....but alas, it seems to have a limited shelf life, which I do not understand. It was expensive, darn it! Doesn't that make it a better product? Or just a more pricey one?

I know that I am rambling a bit. It is a problem that I have had since early November. I can't get my thoughts today in a clear manner. With that issue, I have an article that was due on December 1st that I have not finished. I cannot seem to be able to pull enough sentences together.

It is bugging me in a big way. I never miss deadlines....sometimes I am early....sometime I am late. But I always make them. This is new for me, so I am not sure how to handle it. I am pretty sure that I am peeved at my inability to concentrate for an hour or three.

How can I fix this writer's block? Well, I do not call it a writer's block, per se. I call it a writer's 'pause'. And I have nothing....except to go back to when I wrote my dissertation. I was fueled by Dunkin' Donuts coffee and a chocolate donut. Once I drank the coffee and ate the donut, I was good to go for hours. And so, if I do not finish this project, I will resort to Plan DD. Yep.....Dunkin' Donuts....I'll let you know if it works.

How is the big kid? Well, he is finishing the semester and projects and plans to be home early next week. I do miss him. He is often the voice of sanity in my insanity as I try to pull the pieces together of the holidays, classes, and projects.

Oh yeah....nothing is done yet for Christmas...although the tree is up. I put up the outside lights to which dad called 'hokey.'  Let me at 'em...seriously? Hokey? Dude! it took me hours to get the lights from screwy to off kilter to hokey! Really...a little respect will go a long way when you are chatting with Santa...if you know what I mean. Hokey? I'll 'hokey' him!

With that said, I am going to try to write my paper and grade my tests.....and strap the skis onto Tink's car....

Ho Ho Hokey!

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