Sunday, December 22, 2013


Good Saturday morning! I feel like I am in a race competing against no person but a time clock. At first, I was totally stressed, but now I see it as a challenge to overcome.

I made several executive decisions:
1. No Christmas cards this year. Anyone who I want to send greetings to will hear from me on facebook or text (yeah, not great, but the best that I can do)
2. No major culinary feasts. We will have basic 'taters n meat.....fresh veggie or salad. Buddy can grab dessert from the bakery.
3. Slow down and remember what we are preparing for....that's's not about a new iPad or wireless electronics

That's it. I made these decisions when I volunteered at the Food Cupboard on Thursday for a few hours. The number of poor clients is at an all time high and there are too many hungry people in our world. Actually, they may be hungrier as I spilled a 50 pound bag of rice and broke the broom while sweeping it off the floor. Numbskull! Guess what I am buying the FC for Christmas? That's right...more rice! Actually, the faces of the volunteers when the rice scattered all over the floor was worth the price of admission. After I got over being mortified, I knelt to sweep the rice, and thought carefully what the heck I was doing. After all, what am I worried about? Really, let's consider this entity....I am worried that I will not have cookies made (ate them all this week while running to Macys), having enough gifts (is that what it is all about? More stuff), cooking elaborate meals....really? Everyone gets sick from too much food on Christmas. I am doing them a favor by tailoring back a bit.

On to more festive notes....I realized yesterday that my big boy is definitely mine and he was not switched in the nursery at birth. While getting ready to go out yesterday, we were chatting and I could hear his computer blasting his music. Listening for a moment, I heard Christmas songs. Huh? Christmas music on my son's laptop...really? This big ole country music lovin' baseball player is listening to holiday music. Stunned, I smiled and hugged him! "You are my boy!" Smiling back, he said: "Yeah, how about Billy Squier's song?" Yes! How about it! I love that song! Me too!!!
This was another Christmas miracle.....I am not the only one in the house who loves the holiday and music.

My biggest problem had been the number of courses that I taught this fall. In total, I have taught 18 credits which is 6 over the allotment, one 90 miles from the house, and another  four day clinical. This way, I can be free to travel in the spring. So, when he comes to me and tells me that his elbow is bothering him, then, I want to just implode. I am confident that working out each day for 4 hours is too much. But he cannot stop. Is he an exercise addict? He had one of the pitchers from the team over this week as they threw the weighted balls in the basement then long tossed. Yesterday, he worked out with a Texas friend. Each day when he finishes his work out, he runs to the bakery and gets home after midnight.

In total, since he got home on Wednesday, I have seen him a total of 25 minutes as he passes me in the hall to take a shower or go to bed. Is this all worth it? Well, the proof is in the pudding as they say (although I do not know why). This is his red shirt junior year which makes him eligible for the draft. Oye! Please God, let him be drafted this year....please oh please.....

With that said, I have to continue the preparations for the big day. I shopped on Friday and yesterday. The only line that I encountered was in Hollister with their 50% off sale. I did see a long line at the Banana Republic, but did not see anything that I wanted to buy. Otherwise, there were no more people than usual at the mall and Kohls. Is that because Kohls is open 24 hours until Christmas? People can run and finish their shopping at 2 am should they desire.

I am still scratching my head about all the commercialism, but have tried to purchase gifts that are meaningful rather than expensive. But even stocking stuffers are pricey as I paid top dollar on lip balm, Snickers bars, and pens.

Ok, I have to run....or actually dance as I head to Zumba. My emotional eating continues as I finished the cheesecake yesterday. Quick, someone tape my mouth shut....Pronto!


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