Tuesday, December 17, 2013


More snow...sheesh!

With the snow, I told the big kid to stay put in his apartment and do not attempt to drive down the mountain unless he put snow skis on the car. He said that the car has been buried in the snow and it will take some effort to dig it out. Now that seems like a good time. On the home front, the snow blower is still on life support. With each dusting of snow, kids are coming to the door wanting to shovel and earn $30. I hate to turn them away but I do have Tink living in the house rent free and its her job to sweep away the flurries.

To this day, I still do not have any shopping done, although I have a boatload of cookies in the pantry that are quickly being eaten by me. I have to get to the gym today! If not, I will have lost all the momentum I gained in the past three months of not eating. Maybe I should bag it....you know, just stop all the dieting and enjoy life. Nah...I don't want to buy new pants....

As far as shopping is concerned, I don't know what to do. I still have to work until Thursday night and do not want to shop on the weekends with the rest of the people who are like me and have procrastinated. I never procrastinate. I am always ready by the 16th. I think that I am stressed out. In fact, I know that I am...as I have rapid heart rate, shallow breathing, abdominal and chest pains...wait....maybe I am trying to run a mile.....naw....there is no knee pain associated with these symptoms.

Back to me.....I was in Dr. G's house over the weekend and picked up his little crock pots. Yes, he has little crock pots for his parties....anyway, in one of his old boxes in the basement was a book on procrastination. I picked it up, dusted it off, and brought it home to read. Guess what? I have not opened it yet. I have procrastinated reading a self help book on stopping procrastination.

With that said, I have procrastinated enough and have to shower and head to an all day meeting.


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