Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hawk speaks

Good morning! It was a scary ride to church today as the streets are coated with ice. Now, I understand why dad and the big kid are making plans to high tail it out of the northeast and live in the south.

The kid has big southern plans equipped with a plantation that Angel will run. I am sure that there will be a pitching mound and work out center there. No peaches, tobacco, or pecans growing on the plantation....just future hall of famers. By the way, this plantation is in the ten year plan. He actually presented the two year plan in writing last week at dinner. After reading the three pages to his father, who is concerned that he will be continuing to fund the plantation dream, it seems that if he is not drafted in the spring, he will return to school for a fifth year.

Ok, this is fine. What graduate degree will you complete? "Political science..." Does the university have a poly sci degree? "Yes". Send me the hyperlink so that I can look at the curriculum. "OK."

The hyperlink comes to me that night. As I read the requirements, it seems that this poly sci masters is not a masters degree but a doctorate. Knowing full well that this kid is moving to the end of his academic career, I asked him if he read the requirements. "Uh, yeah, I need to take the GRE's."

Nice...the GRE's.....Did you know that this degree ends with a PhD? "Huh?"

That's right....true to form, he never read the requirements. He looked at the list and chose a graduate degree that would satisfy his dad and perhaps be part of the ten year plan.

Sigh....and so, I started to read the degrees that the university offered and there were a few that I was intrigued by. However, there were none that would fit into his life style or his two year plan. "Son, what do you plan to do? As you know, you have to be matriculated in a degree program to play ball next year? Ideas?"


And so, we blindly continue  on our journey toward the end of something. End of what?

I said, the end of something.....despite having a one, two, three, five, and ten year plan, none of it will be actualized unless he figures out how to stay in school and not waste money by taking courses that lead to no where...including his plantation with Angel running it.

On to baseball...."Mom, Hawk says that my ball is the best that he has ever seen."

Hawk? Hawk? You mean the freshman that you have been working out with over the past few weeks? This kid who doesn't shave yet is evaluating your fast ball? Super. Now I know that you will achieve your one year plan. Hawk has spoken.....

Got to start working again, so....have a great day.

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