Friday, January 24, 2014

Mind, body, spirit

Good morning! Another post this week means that I have a bit of free time. What is free time? Actually, I am not sure but I will tell you what...I am not as grouchy as I was last week when I met the kids outside with my hair standing on its ends. Traumatizing the girl scouts and their brother is nothing to be proud of.

With the snow this week, I have had time to relax and read a few books that were not related to my profession. I believe that this is called recreational reading. As such, it is quite nice. Sitting back on the sofa or easy chair with my electronic tablet, I have access to any electronic book on the market. With a few library cards, I can take electronic books out of the library and never leave my house. I have decided this is the way to go, because I do not want the  book that I read hanging out at the house collecting dust. As someone who is allergic to dust, I try to minimize it as much as possible. After all, breathing is not over rated.

I heard from the big kid yesterday who was gleeful that the team was implementing some of the exercises the Pitching Doctor taught him. "I knew it. They finally came around..."

Nice. I am happy to hear that the money that I spent for him to learn and train in Texas could have saved and learned at the university. But hey, all is well since he is ahead of the curve. What's a few bucks here and there?

As we chatted about school and the course that he loathes, accounting, I asked him if he was taking care of himself. "Yeah. I am eating and working out. I keep studying, so I am cool. I start at 5:30 am and go to bed at 11 p. All is good...."

All is good...uh huh. Let me ask you. Are you taking care of your mind, body, and spirit? After all, we are more than the sum of our parts. In order to be whole people, the spirit is just as important as the body and mind. My philosophy is that a person should strengthen themselves for the unexpected. In  other words, more can happen to us in a given day that we cannot even conceive in our minds. Therefore, caring for yourself in a holistic manner allows a person to tackle changes and problems head on when they arise.


Yep, every time I mention caring for the spirit, I hear the click on the other line. Or he signs off with "I gotta go and study."

Uh huh. Go ahead dude. Avoid the conversation, but let me tell you, unless you are prepared, there will be events that arise in the next few months that will test you. During that test, you will be calling upon a Higher Power to assist you. Maintain a relationship now during the good times to assure assistance during the not-so-good times. Just sayin'....

Ok, enough pontificating. I already see readers' eyes glaze over. It is time for me to shower and face the day. Tink and I are taking BP Grandmom and Grandpop to the movies. Pop turned 87 last Friday and I wanted to take him out to celebrate. They are not eager to see some of the movies with lots of *&%$$ cussing, so we are going to see Saving Mr. Banks. I did not know Walt Disney, but he seemed like he was a nice guy and  did not routinely drop the "F" bomb or his pants on screen as he wooed Mary Poppins or Snow White. So, this is probably safe for my favorite senior citizens to see.

Have a great day!

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