Thursday, June 19, 2014

Be a victor not a victim

Good morning! Just got back from a killer yoga class. I believe I lost two liters of fluid....just enough to fill a Pepsi bottle. It actually felt pretty good to start a new routine. Do I miss our Diva? Well....Yes! I am now a party game....say the word "dog" and I will burst out crying. Neat trick, huh?

On to Illinois....the elbow is starting to feel better yet the last 72 hours have been full of angst. The big guy had to come home to see his PT. "Don't you understand? I hate it here. I shouldn't be here. it's the 'Fat Man's (Czar)' fault. He does not know what he is doing. Sheesh. The rants went on and on.

In other words, besides the crisis with Diva, we also had a crisis in Illinois. Then we worked on several options on getting him home from flying out from St Louis, see the PT, see the surgeon, and return to Illinois.


"No, I am not coming back here."

What the heck? Isn't this part of your dream. Dude, you need to be seen by scouts and develop your pitching resume. You will not accomplish these goals by working out at the local YMCA. Get a grip.

Honestly, with the sore elbow and loss of the family pet, he had enough and wanted to be home. I get it, but you have made a commitment, so you stay. We will worry about the home front.

Today, he is perkier and the elbow feels better. Honestly, the sun rises and falls on his body. If all is well, he is happy. If something is sore, he's dying.

With that said, I might turn the  cell phone off for a while. After all, the kid is almost a college graduate. Start to figure life out. If you need help or support, I am here. But I am powerless to fix arms, knees, heads, and pitching techniques. All I can do is listen. But now I have standards. He is not to call as a victim. He is to call as a victor. 'Cause if his ultimate goal is not met, he will need the psychological tools to deal with a major disappointment. Therefore, start to prepare now for an uncertain yet wonderful future.

If baseball does not work out, he has the tools to be a success at whatever he chooses. he also has an arsenal of memories and stories to share as he looks back on a great 21 years. I can only imagine what the next 21 years will bring.

Got to go....


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