Thursday, June 12, 2014

Elbow strain

Good morning! Poor Diva...still sick. Guess what? It's time to fire these vets. Yes, they have been part of our canine family for 9 years, but our poor pup continues to suffer...perhaps needlessly. And so, after my conversation with them today, I am going to grab the records and run, not walk, to the University of PA and find someone who can help our wee one....before it is too late.

As our little one suffers, the big guy missed a start last night. In the past, he would have been devastated, but now he sees the big picture. With all of the resources that he has, the kid has tapped into the thoughts and talents of the trainer, his PT at home, the Pitching doctor, and his friend from the ranch who seems to know more about pitching mechanics than the average bear.

He is now obsessed with finding a clear answer to his elbow strain. As dad says....he's nuts.  I replied: "Aren't all left handed pitchers a" We agreed that if he was a lawyer, he would be obsessed about a case or particular law. If he was a dancer, he would obsess over his feet. If he painted, his eyes and hands would be his tools. As a pitcher, he needs the elbow....shoulder....wrist...legs...and so on.....

He called this afternoon to announce that he was 'not going to pitch on Sunday' and does not care what anyone says. OK, so? If your elbow is not in shape, be your own advocate. Stand up for the elbow, doggonit! After all, a pitcher needs that elbow to be functional. What cracks me up is that he has a new voice. "I don't care what anyone says. I will not pitch." Sheesh, Your Majesty....Tell the coach. Stop talking. Sit on the bench...chew seeds and spit out the salty.....get sweaty....go home.

With that said, I have to pick up another medication for our poor pup.


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