Sunday, June 15, 2014

Numb Thumb

Good morning! It's Father's Day and I want to shout out to my own Pop, 87 years old and going strong. He's our prayer warrior and all around great guy. He has taught me more about caring for one another than anyone else. Always ready to assist, pray, or party, he's our rock! Thanks Dad, for everything you have done over the years. Love ya, man!

On to why I have not posted in a few days. Our little Diva is still very very sick. She is moaning and still has a fever. She has lost weight and I took her for a second opinion. The second vet was terrific and now we have a 7 am ultrasound of the abdomen appointment in lower Delaware tomorrow. In addition, she is going to see another eye doctor, but we don't have an appointment, the staff will try to fit us in before noon. That means we could be sitting there for 5 hours waiting for the eye doctor to see us. Peeved? Nope. I am grateful for the opportunity to save Diva's life, 'cause frankly, she is not looking good at all. She looks like she is dying and we are all in shock.

I had to leave the vet's office for a few moments on Friday to collect myself. After all, I could not break down and cry in front of dad and Tink. They need me to be strong. I just see my little pup in so much distress and it hurts. She is the only one who would be demonstrably happy when I would return home. She would run to great me, jump into my arms, and cuddle for a few moments. This is non judgmental and unconditional love, that's for sure. As long a I fed her, she was happy and content. OK, there was the incidents when she bit Sparky and the heat guy, but the dog was trying to protect us. She has no idea that she is a 7 pounder. She thinks that she is a Great Dane.

Deep breath....

Now we can chat about the big lefty who is in Illinois and trying to make it in a field that is almost impenetrable. He called earlier this week in a panic about his elbow hurting. Tommy John? Nope, according to his PT (He called him) and PD (he emailed him), he has a few mechanical issues that he has to adjust. The trainer felt that it was a strain. No pitching last week.

Then, he calls us....midnight-ish...."I have numbness in my thumb." A numb thumb? Sheesh! When does this end? Figuring that it was a pinched nerve, the trainer was at work again and the numbness has subsided. Since then, he has been working on getting back in the line up. Today, he will long toss and next week, he will take the mound again.

As I spoke to him a number of times this week, he explained his heightened anxiety by saying "I have an expiration date." Hmmm....I get it. This is his last year to make it. He has June 2015 stamped on his forehead. Therefore, he walks around with the thought that each pitch that he throws may be his last. I get it. Be strong, big guy. Breathe.....Focus.....Throw.....

Yesterday, he sent an article to his father about a baseball coach who was fired in Arkansas. He did the same thing that the Czar did to him, but someone had their cell phone on and recorded the berating. This now gives the guys an idea to keep their cell phones in their gloves after each game. If someone who catch the Czar bullying these kids who have no power to fight back, he would get a dose of his own medicine. Am I for this kind of clandestine behavior? Oh, yeah. Take the big bully down so that he cannot demoralize or humiliate any more helpless guys.

On to my day starting with Pilates with one of my favorite instructors, Jim. he is 6'4 and all muscle. There is no fat on the guy whatsoever. The first time that he walked into class, I got very very nervous. I figured that my body would never be the same, yet he is one of the gentler instructors. Friday's instructor, Amazon,  had me in a ball of perspiration. My mind says 'sure, BPM, you can do this....' but my body replies 'huh, who do you think you are? Girl, you are not going to do these crunches. You don't have the strength or mobility. You are one big ball of protoplasm.' not only do I battle Jim and the Amazon, I battle myself. Am I hearing voices that aren't really there? Naw....I am hearing a middle aged woman's body saying, don't pull anything may need it later to lift your wine glass......

Gotta go. Jim is not going to wait for me.

Happy Father's Day! Go Diva!!!!


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