Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Shut down

Hi! This is a quickie since I am meeting Muscles and Ice for lunch and to catch up...before heading to Acupuncture...then work...then a farewell dinner for a colleague. That's two meals out....so, I have to be especially good when choosing what to eat. No skittles today...although, I saw an amazing cake on Pintrest that was hollow like a pinata. When the person cut into it, Skittles poured out. I got to try this one...although, with all honestly, it sounds disgusting. You don't put two great foods like cake and Skittles together. it is unnatural and destroys the purity of the eating experience.

On to my 1 am call...."my elbow is throbbing." It's 1 am or midnight in Illinois. That means he has been working out several hours after their game was over. Let's consider this....hours of working out with an elbow that is sore. Not a good decision.

My reply was "shut down. Ice, motrin, go to bed."


"Shut down. Ice. Motrin. Go to bed."


"Shut down the arm. Ice. Motrin. GO to bed. See trainer in morning."

Needless to say, the two hours of sleep that I received before the call was all I needed as I laid in bed and thought about this issue. When is this kid going to catch a break? He is finally hitting his stride. He is showing the world what he can do and has hit another road block.

Perhaps this is the way that life is. Maybe, life is throwing these problems at him to see how tough he really is. Or, he is an unlucky guy.

Nope, I do not believe that he is unlucky. In fact, he makes his own luck and is a winner. It is just another hurdle in his life that he can and will deal with. On the other hand, I am aging rapidly with this worry. yet, should I really worry? It is a needless emotion. After all, no one promised that it would be easy.

That's right. The road is bumpy, narrow, and in Pennsylvania, full of car-eating potholes. Let's get a grip and deal with this issue then move on.


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