Sunday, June 22, 2014

Well thought out, yet expensive plan

Hooray! We are all under one roof for one night. The big kid flew home yesterday morning after arriving at the St Louis airport at 3 am for a 6 am flight. He decided to stay in the terminal rather than a hotel room for three hours. After picking him up at the terminal, he had a few hours to sleep before visiting Yoda, his PT.

At 4 pm, he was meeting with Yoda who cleared him to play ball. And the smile returned to his face. His demeanor changed and he is ready to throw. Yahoo. I mentioned to him, 'you know....your body will always hurt, so you have to adapt to it.'

"Yeah, I know." let's chat.

I decided to work on one issue per meeting. So, I tackled the fall....

"Uh, since your are returning to campus this fall, I see that you have no where to live. Do you have any plans?"

"I am going to live on campus in the dorms."

Huh? The dorms? You mean the 'hell holes' that you HAD to escape from after your freshman year? Seriously? Good!

His rationale is multifaceted and seemed to be well constructed.

1. I hate driving in the snow.
2. It takes me 30 minutes to get to class from my apartment
3. I can walk to class and not drive
4. I can walk back to my dorm after working until 2 am in the library.

Hmmmm. This is a good plan, albeit, not cheaper. In fact, the dorms that he will live in will probably cost more than my mortgage. I love the way that he thinks.

By the way, dad has said for years that he receives 4 years of tuition, then he is on his own. "Nope, not paying for it. No way."

Here is my prediction....after the guys talk tonight about future plans, dad will open his checkbook and fund the last year at school. He will complain and moan since he really wants to save for his retirement, but he will do it.

Why? 'Cause, he loves the big guy and when the kid comes to him with a carefully considered plan of action, dad funds it....whether it is living on his own, Illinois, Ohio, travel money, and so on, dad opens the wallet.

Now, let's talk about BPM....I have 1$ in my wallet and have been shut out of the automatic teller for the last few days due to lack of funds. Do we have money? Sure, but we try to live on a budget rather than savings, so we sacrifice....OK, 'sacrifice' is a pretty big word....perhaps 'tighten up' is a better one. I can get money out of the bank whenever I need it. Fortunately, Betty gave me a Starbucks card and a student gave to me a Dunkin Donuts card, so I have coffee...which is the most important beverage of the day. Yep, more important that boxed wine. There....I said it. I am not a wino but need my fix of caffeine each day. So it goes....and so he will go....

But first, we have an afternoon party at Scooby's for BP Grandmom and Grandpop's 59th wedding anniversary and Lil A's 12th birthday. I am sure that the family will be happy to see the big guy or will they be happy to see the chocolate and regular cheesecakes that Lil A and I baked on Friday? Time will tell.....

Off to Pilates!


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