Saturday, June 7, 2014

The draft

Good morning! It's an early day as the oh-so-sick Diva sits on my lap and is shaking her booty. No, she is not dancing, she is shaking from a fever. Poor baby. She cannot catch a break. With her eye problem, Lyme disease and fever, our favorite little pup is still battling a nasty illness.

Yesterday began the MLB draft and no one could have been more despondent than the big lefty. After all, according to his plans, he was to be drafted this year so that he did not have to return to school. But the Czar had other ideas like punishing him by benching him for a month derailing his plans and the team's quest for a play off spot. We can say a bunch of 'what ifs?', but the reality is that he watched players that he dominated or struck out be drafted by a number of teams. So, is he salty? Have you been reading this blog? If so, you know the answer to that question.

And so, he had a start last night as Tink and I settled in front of the computer to watch. He had 8 Ks, 5BBs, 2 earned runs. Taken out in the 5th, the bullpen imploded. The team lost again.

While on the mound, the coach walked out and asked him to keep pace. That is, please throw a ball every 11 seconds. Huh? After a month on the bench for throwing too fast, then finding out that if he slows down, he dominates a game, the coach wants him to revert back to his former self. Uh, coach....ain't happening. In fact, the salty lefty got saltier and cussed the coach off. Interesting. Several years ago, he would have melted. Today, he looks at these guys eye to eye and advocated for himself. My has changed a great deal for this kid.

The coach also wanted him to throw only fast balls but the catcher told him that the team could not hit his nasty slider. Once again, the catcher stood up for his pitcher. Is this because it is the summer or have these two guys figured out the process?

Whatever it is, he is turning into his own man and will make it or not make it in his own terms. Good for you, kiddo.

OK, the internship is finally on. He will be writing articles for the website and earn his final three credits. What does this mean? Hey, how about a college degree? Uh huh! About time...just sayin'.
No celebration. When he finally finishes his fifth year, we will think about a cake and maybe some balloons. Until then, we go along as if nothing has happened.

Although, he has no where to live in September and has to change the yoga course into something a bit more.....challenging. Yet, I have found that yoga can be tough BUT should not be a college course. let me make myself clear, I will not write a check for any kid of mine to take a three credit college level course in yoga, basket weaving, swimming or gym. I draw a line here.

Ok, I gotta go and spray the weeds with my homemade weed killer.....vinegar, blue Dawn dish detergent and Epsom salts. Spray on the weed, it dies, you dispose of it. No smell....

Have a nice weekend.

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