Monday, June 23, 2014

In the line up

Back in the line up folks. Yoda has cleared the big guy to play.

And as I drove him to the airport today, he was silent. Oh, yeah, I remember, he does not talk on game day....just a few grunts...yes...nos....that's it. OK, this is fine. It has been a few weeks since he took the mound, so breathe, visualize, and guide your thoughts to a victory.

Although, when he was talking....yesterday....we chatted about a number of things. I was telling him how bad I was at holding planks in yoga and Pilates class.

"How long do you hold them?"

"15 seconds on a good day."

"We have to hold them for 2 minutes with 90 pounds of weight on our backs."

Humbled.....I am now determined to make it to 20 seconds before hitting my knees in agony. Hey, I am a competitor too.

He came up with a new phrase as we chatted on the way to Scooby's for BP Grandmom and Grandpop's 59th wedding anniversary...."I am arrogrant, but humble enough to admit it."

Hmmmm. Let's consider this one. A pitcher has to have uber confidence and sense of self. Gotcha. But he also knows his flaws. Is this a good thing or bad?

I am thinking that his head is beginning to figure life out one issue at a time. When he pitches, I can tell when he is in it and not in it. When he hit the last batter a month ago, I thought that he lost it. But the smack on the back had been planned for  a year after this opposing player had talked smack to him after he had hit a triple off him. As he remembered the date and time, he took aim and fired. Is this a good thing? I won't answer it. by the way, this verbal and insulting idiot was taken in the 15th round of the MLB draft.

With that said, the big guy is in the line up probably tomorrow night. And so it begins...again....let's go Turtles!

Got to go and hold a plank for 20 seconds....


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