Friday, June 20, 2014

Decisions, decisions!

Good morning! It's a beautiful day and day 4 without Diva. It is almost time to put away her bed and toys...but not yet. Tink is not ready. That's my excuse....let's keep on using it.

I have heard very little from Illinois in the past 24 hours which means.......yes, it means........are you ready????

The elbow must feel better.

That's it, folks. As I mentioned yesterday, the sun rises and falls on the body. And so with nothing to complain about and not wanting to hear me ask the question for the millionth time about the internship, I will assume the following:

1. The elbow is healing and he will pitch in the next 5 days.
2. He has no intention of completing the internship until the fall.

Huh? It was all set up, right? he he he said.....yet.....

Finally, after probing about his writing articles for the team, he almost admitted that he was not going to pressure himself this summer by completing college. Fine. The money sent by the grandparents for graduating college stays on dad's desk. If the internship is not completed by September, the check will be shredded into a million little pieces. He will never be able to reconstruct the pieces and tape them back together....gone...gone...gone.....

What does this mean for the fall?

Well, I can only assume that he is returning to his school for his 5th year and will figure out where he is going to live on his own. He will also get the sofa out of his apartment that he will lose at the end of July and move it to a new location. I am not sure how this task will be accomplished since he does not have the power to transport himself to Pennsylvania from Illinois without a plane ticket or a great pair of Nikes.

Wow. Lots of decisions to make and things to do. What is a guy to do?

Well, his momma is off the clock. As a young man who turned 22 this year, he has been given the tools and actually has the critical thinking skills to pull it off. If he is lazy and snoozes, then he lives in an alley on the aforesaid sofa that will probably be thrown in a dumpster by the new tenant of the uber cool apartment that he lived in this year and decided to let the lease go when he was "Never going to return to this place again! Ever! I mean it. It can sink into a sinkhole, for all I care. I am never coming back!!"

Got it. Now, figure out the next ten months, 'cause I punched out in May.



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