Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bull dog

Good morning. I was an early riser and hit a Pilates class. Sadly, I almost threw up my toast, which tells me not to eat before doing crunches. Another thing that I learned was to take Aleve before the class and not after. Gee, life is about learning these fun little lessons, isn't it? I would have been way embarrassed if I tossed my toast in front of these beasts of women. I have been the doughiest person in class until a new student walked in today. So now...I am the second doughiest and most queasy person of the bunch.

As we waited for the instructor, a woman built like an elite athlete was trying to sell us on this cleansing method of weight loss. It seems that a person drinks a few shakes, eats 900 calories per day, fasts four days a month. On the fasting days, you get to eat four of their cookies. The bonus to this treachery is that she feels great, lost 16 pounds, and has so much more energy. I listened patiently and with a comment that only a doughy person could make said: "It sounds like torture." Needless to say, I did not make a friend today.  Sheesh....900 calories? Hey, I eat that on a road trip to see baseball games.

Actually, I have a proven weight loss all the Skittles that you want.....vomit....go to bed. That's it folks. No weight loss shakes.

On to my big kid...we have a better understanding of each other. I get it. He is nervous about this being his last chance. SO, he tightens up. This is tough to get over. After all, he has something to prove. Or does he?

Let's review. He has overcome a great deal of doubts from others and coaches. When he stopped by his high school two weeks ago, he met a pitcher on the team who seems to be a stud. According to the coach, "You're a bulldog; he's a race horse."

Really? A bull dog? Are we serious?

This kid did not come near breaking any of the bull dog's school and state records for strike outs, ERA, and so on. Yet, he's a dog and the other guy is a race horse. OK, I am understanding the tension about proving oneself to doubters.

Another fascinating fact that he discovered this week is that the Czar never played baseball past his junior year. It seems that he went to junior college then signed with a D1 team. He then proceeded to quit the team. Hmmmm...this is the guy who would not let my kid drop accounting because he would be a quitter. Dude! Look in the mirror.

Now what? Well, the big lefty has to figure out how to take the mound and not freeze. He has what it takes and just needs to set his head straight. He has the summer....let's see how it goes.

Off to work!


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