Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Change in plan

Guess what? A game was held last night. The weather was frigid....21 degrees...snow squalls...wind....a perfect night for baseball under the lights.

At first, I was a bit upset that I did not make the planned trip since Buddy told me that the game was all but canceled. However, once I heard the conditions on the radio, I was really happy to sit in my chair and listen contently in the warmth of my home.

With that said, the starting pitcher had some troubles in the first few innings. Errors abound and the team was down early. Around the 5th inning, my favorite left handed pitcher was put into the game. The announcers did not know how to pronounce his name at first. This was a reflection of what little playing time he has had during the season. The first thing that they said about him was that he was the only player in the stadium not wearing long sleeves under his uniform. Then the broadcaster commented that it could be a function of being left-handed and that lefties were "not all there in the head". hmmmmm......not all there in the head, eh? Perhaps....

As the inning progressed, they got excited about Buddy's pitching. He was able to contain his opposition. He pitched two innings to 6 batters. Six up...six down...the game was tied. Buddy was taken out....the opposing team scored a run and the team lost. After the game, the broadcaster in review of the game said that our big kid was nothing short of brilliant....oy! Don't let this one go to your head.

When he called home after the game, I tried to focus on his big test this morning and whether he had dinner. I knew that he was happy and pumped up, but he still had to take a major exam and do well. It has to be are these players...they have two jobs....playing and preparing for games...traveling and still keeping up with their studies. Some of the kids have tough majors like engineering and pre med. Freshmen like Buddy are 'undeclared' and need to figure out what they would like to do with their lives besides play baseball. Sure, it would be fun to play in the majors, but chances are somewhat slim for even the most motivated kid. So, the studies are so important in this point of their lives. Keeping balance.....having fun....hanging out with friends...getting enough rest...they need harmony....However, since most of them do not have it, they have to enjoy the ride...have some fun while preparing and playing games...relax a bit. Here are where your college memories are.....don't forget to stand back, take it all in and enjoy the show....these are the days to remember....

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