Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Weekday games

The team has a game on Tuesday and Wednesday night. I am not there to watch since Buddy will probably not play and the price of gas has risen to the point of absurdity. I am keeping my fingers crossed that premium does not hit $5.00 gallon. Who is profiting here? Certainly, it is not the consumer. The days of running to the food store several times a day are gone. That little Prius is looking cuter each day....

With that said, besides the games, the semester is coming to a close. I heard from the big guy who was extremely angry that his professor "popped" the final exam on the class last night. "There goes my cum...." he reports. "Cum?" I think....OK, this guy was sort of looking at (maybe...perhaps....from a distance) the Dean's list. Hmmmmm...close...not close enough.....I hate the phrase that I keeping saying..."So, what did you learn with this incident?" It seems trivial and contrived, yet I said it anyway. Wrong thing to say! I think that he wanted to hear..."yeah, the guy is a bum...you were robbed..." Nope, I could not say it. 'Cause deep down inside, I think that the class may have known about the final exam and chose not to believe that this could happen. One of the players skipped the class altogether, so instead of a grade of (let's say....) 40, he will receive a grade of zero. No one said that college would be easy.

We spoke last night after the 'I was robbed' conversation. He was telling me that the girls were very aggressive. "Mom, they put their phone numbers on a piece of paper and slide it under my door...." He's not crazy about the aggression. It pushes him away. They seem to like him because he plays a sport and not for who he is....That is sad. My advice to him was to find a girl who does not like baseball....maybe she is into ballet or art....a nurse...or better yet....go to the library (it's in the center of campus....big building with windows and books)! This has made him sad. He's a nice guy, but is introduced as a baseball player. People don't even use his name.

I guess that he has to find his way in this world. He will learn to deal with coaches, room mates, professors, and the opposite sex. The best teacher seems to be experience....good luck Big Guy.....stay true to who you are.....don't fall into any traps....don't let anyone use you....With that said..."go team!"

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