Saturday, April 16, 2011

Never a dull moment

Yesterday was transitional day for our Tink. She had her first car accident. Before anyone sends cards to the hospital (no need here), she backed Dad's car into a mountain of dirt and ripped the muffler off. Then she made the decision to drive to her father's office to confess and share with him the "dirty" details. I found out about it via a very exasperated phone call from the office. First, I am so glad that this was a muffler bender and not something more serious. Thank God she was not injured....Second, how can you get angry when she sheepishly asked me about any accidents I may have had?.....oops...there were a few and they were much more serious than hitting a mound of dirt. I guess that is why they are called "accidents", 'cause they are not planned....I doubt very much that she planned on hitting the dirt, it was not premeditated...So, let's use this as an educational moment....look behind you when you back the car out of a space. It is interesting, because Buddy also had an accident and it was the "other person's" fault. Similarly, Tink suggested another driver caused her to back into the dirt. Caution....there are people out there driving around unaware that they are causing accidents....beware!

As far as baseball is concerned, the team lost their first conference game of the weekend last night. It seems that they left a number of players on the base and could not get timely hits. The first pitcher went 7 innings, then the first reliever came out. The game progressed into the top of the 9th (game was at home) with the reliever struggling a bit with one out and two base runners. Then it happened...the game stopped and the pitching coach was called to the mound. The pitcher had an injury and had to be replaced immediately. A call to the bullpen...a call to the bullpen...a call to the one emerges....then a tall, lanky leftie runs out to the's Buddy! Where was he? Why didn't he immediately run out to the field? Why was he late? I had questions that had to wait to be answered. In the meantime, he faced two batters and got them both out. No additional runs scored. Sadly, the team could not score again and they lost the game.

Now comes the phone call home. After chatting with dad for 15 minutes, the phone was handed to me. " won't believe it..." Here it goes.....Apparently, Buddy was told that he was NOT going to enter the game, so he relaxed in his bullpen. At the beginning of the 9th, he decided to take a bathroom break in the locker room. As he sauntered back to the bullpen, the pitcher sustained his injury. The coach called Buddy's number to enter the game. Not prepared even emotionally, he could not find his glove. It was missing, or under coats, or under the seats, or (better yet) ...stolen....His walk on music is playing, the coach and infielders are standing on the mound and Buddy is running around the bullpen trying to find his glove. When it could not be located, he took another left handed pitcher's glove and flew to the pitcher's mound.

All's well, because he was able to get the final two outs but his "mojo" was interrupted because he did not have his personal glove and had to use another player's glove. It did not feel right. He shared with me that rather than focusing on each pitch, he was thinking about using this glove. He was out of his comfort zone. This can be compared to Federer using Nadal's tennis racquet...a person just doesn't do that....Buddy's glove was designed and made to his specifications (a D-1 perk). He loves his is his adult version of his 'blankie'....he is never far away from it..always in his sight....He learned his lesson and will always keep the glove with him...even in the bathroom (not...maybe he'll hire a babysitter to watch it) ;-)

As I reflect on the past 24 hours, I have come to terms that I have raised children who can handle most problems on their own. Buddy did not panic when he lost his glove and was able to adapt. Tink, albeit culpable for her accident, owned up to her issue and will take care of the damage. Over the past few years, I have been backing away from their daily lives. They are now living on consequences for their actions and decisions. Some of their choices have been very good...others have been 'not so good', but they are learning. These are life's lessons...not mine and are much more powerful. My new role is to continue to pray, listen, support, and reflect with them as they review some of the daily events of their lives with me. I am so happy that we have close communication and relationships. It's all a Bullpen mom needs as her children leave me...text me...send me an e-mail....miss you.....

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