Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday Sunday

Yesterday Tink and I drove to the game 3 hours from home. Actually, I let Tink take the wheel since she needs some experience on the turnpike. After a few harrowing lane changes that altered the growing ulcer in my stomach causing it to scream in pain, she got us there safely. I am proud of our girl. She gripped the steering wheel with such a force that I thought there were permanent hand indentations in it.

The sun tried to come out from behind the clouds, so the air was chilly. I thought somehow that Buddy would enter the game. I even wore my lucky sneakers. This was not the case. We watched the game in its entirety. The home team blew out the competition. The opposing coach was not only thrown out of the game but out of the stadium too. He must of had quite a 'potty mouth' to have to leave the stadium and sit in the bus.

Anyway, we had a glimpse of my son before we left for home. He never made it out of the locker room to speak to us. So, we decided to head home. I did get a few photos as he was moving from the dugout to bullpen. All in all...not much happening. The next game is Tuesday night at 6pm. I am debating whether I want to make a three hour drive again and get home at midnight. Not sure....Going to think long and hard about it.

So, the life of a bullpen mom means that you make the trips, sit in a cold or very hot stadium for long periods of time and wait and wait, then wait some more. Perhaps I will see my son pitch an inning or two...then again...maybe not. What's the purpose of taking time and expense to travel to the games? I guess the answer is that I love my son no matter what...whether he is the star of the team or the star of the bullpen. Either way, he's my number one pitcher, and I will continue to watch him shine even if he is sitting on the bench.

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