Saturday, April 30, 2011

Summer Plans

The team lost the first game of the series in extra innings yesterday. They battled back from a deficit to tie it and lost in 10 innings. I must say that the game was quite dramatic. On to today's after noon game. Usually Buddy either pitches on Saturday or Sunday. So, I will be watching......

After the game, Buddy called to review the day's events. We usually chat about what is going on in his life whereas his dad spends time analyzing every pitch and play. It's a guy thing...Anyway, we spoke about his desire to come home for a day....yes, one day. That means picking him up early on a Monday morning after a road trip and returning him on Tuesday morning before practice. He "wants to get away", yet on the other hand, he is "enjoying every minute of this season." This seems like contradictory statements, although, who am I to deny a kid who wants to come home and maybe (just maybe) see his mom? Do I really think that this is the reason for his need to sleep in his own bed for night? Nope.

My thought is that he wants to see his friends who are beginning to come home from college. He also wants to see his old baseball team play a game against a rival. Perhaps, he can squeeze in some of mom's cooking and family banter while he is checking his text messages. Actually, he thinks that he is good at checking them without me noticing. It's not hard to miss his head going down and eyes looking at his pocket while his left hand is moving its fingers in response. I call that multi-tasking.

Ok, I will take the trip and pick him up from his him home. I am sure that his 'bubbly' personality will be evident as we drive the three hours home. Then he will run to his room to his computer to see if he missed anything. He will grab the keys to the car and say that he will be back for dinner. After a quick meal, he will once again, grab the keys and meet the guys at the old hang-out. He will return around 11ish, go to bed, get up early, run to the store for a bagel, get into the car, and overpower me with conversation (not). I will drop him off at his dorm and return home, fully refreshed from spending quality time with the big kid.

Will the 24 hours go this way? Absolutely. Do I mind? The answer is "no". He has basically been on his own for 9 months. He has done pretty well in his studies. After taking Nutrition as an elective, he now tells me when I am going to bite into something that is "pure fat and has no nutritional value whatsoever (no more Twinkies or Devil Dogs with him around).

This is actually a good thing. I have wanted some uninterrupted time with him for a long time. I actually have a written agenda and want to hold a not-so-impromptu meeting. There are many unanswered questions that he has avoided and he plans to move in June to play summer baseball without resolution. First, he does not know where he is going to live. A hotel is not an option. He was asked by his dad to contact the team coach for ideas on housing. Has he done it yet? What do you think? He also has to take a summer course and find a part time job. These are his worries, not mine. Yet, as a parent, I am still concerned that these details will not be addressed in time for his move. Some have suggested that he will land up living out of his car. The problem with this solution besides finding a zoning ordinance that allows it, is that he technically does not own a car. So, we eliminate that idea from the list.

It's all part of growing up. They want their freedom. OK, they can have it, but that means that I no longer handle the daily battles and issues that emerge. If they want to grow up, they have to make adult decisions. Even if this seems like busy work (and it is), it has to be done. And so, I look forward to a very interesting month, as I step back as a parent and watch....And living in my car in another state is not an option.....

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