Thursday, April 14, 2011


Finally, the sun is out. I have been feeling like I live in England with the mist and cold weather.

Last night the team played their cross state rival and won the game. The starting pitcher went deep into 6 innings, so there was no need for a big bullpen presence. Although Buddy was "warming" up for entrance in the 9th....he never got into the game. It was raining anyway, so it is probably better that he was not in there.

He called home after the game and had a conversation with his dad. Apparently, he finds it critical that he adds speed to his fast ball this summer. Interesting will he accomplish it? What does a player do to make his fast ball faster and still be accurate? I see lots of kids "throwing heat" but they can't locate the plate. So, what do you do?

As I listened to the conversation, it seems that while he in in Ohio this summer, we will find a new coach and trainer to help him to maximize his potential. All this means...more coaching, working, money, training, money, stretching, money, and money.....Did I mention that this will cost something?

OK....I deviate from the topic...not really. Here is how it goes....players continue to need coaching to refine their skills. Tiger Woods has a coach. The top tennis players have coaches. It is the nature of the game. To be the best, you continue to work hard and train. So it goes with the college athletes. If my son did not take it seriously, then I would keep my money locked in a vault or hang on to my wallet. However, the big kid takes this like it is life and death. One year for Christmas, he asked me for a 50 pound bag of rice (not to feed the poor but to use as a method to strengthen his arm). So, I pulled a huge bag off the shelf at at Sam's Club, dragged it to my car, and wrapped it. The big kid loved it. I have a photo of a big grin as he saw that Santa had come through with the rice. No more Fisher Price plastic toys for this he wants whole grains...I was skeptical that he would actually use it and had plans to donate it to a soup kitchen. However, he dumped it into a big plastic container. Everyday during his senior year and the summer before college, his arm would be in that bucket of rice. Note to's cheap and they use it....As he left for college, the rice bucket was left in the garage next to the trash cans. I wanted him to take the rice with him to college, but apparently they have better techniques for conditioning and strength training. So the rice sits and waits....

This weekend, the team is playing a conference rival. The university is holding a huge spring celebration. Tink and I are going to attend some of the activities and the game on Saturday. Forecast for the day? Rain....not showers...rain...This is how I know that I love my son....really love him....I am ready and willing to travel, park two miles away from the stadium (because of the festival, they are closing roads and parking), walk in the rain, sit on a wet seat, wait for the game to begin, the game will be delayed, two hours later after sitting in the rain, it will be cancelled. Because the festival is so big, restaurants will be packed, so we will probably not eat until we return home. No problems, I have some instant rice that will cook up in a few minutes...enjoy the sunshine!

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