Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday News

It's baseball season AND Masters' golf tournament...something for everyone.

Buddy's team took two out of three this weekend. They fell a part at the end of today's game and lost it by a run. I am sure that the coaches and players are not a happy bunch as they board the plane home.

Yesterday, Buddy entered the game in the 6th inning. As always, when he is in a game, it is never boring. For one thing, the fog rolled in off Lake Michigan. The outfielders could not see the balls when they were hit into the air. It sounded comical when I listened to the broadcast. I would have laughed if my son was not in the game.

With that said, he had to wear someone else's cap. He was not happy about it, but it was his fault as he left his in his locker at school. So, with a tight hat, fog, and a bad cold, I was pretty sure that this would not be the greatest outing for the big leftie. He struck the first batter out...second batter hit a triple...the third batter hit a double as the opposing team scored. This was the first earned run scored against him this year. He settled down and almost finished the game. He left with the bases loaded and two outs at the bottom of the 9th. I found myself talking to the radio...."Come know how to throw a strike....what's this?"....It was definitely a merlot moment. The team won and I heard from Buddy about an hour later.

"Mom," he says...."they were calling you names...." "Huh?" I asked...."They were heckling me and telling me that you were a 'lady of the night'(my version...not the hecklers). I had to laugh at this one....a lady of the night for me consists of the hours of 6p through 10p. Not much going on then...I asked him if he was bothered by it. "Naw, I just laughed."....I am thinking that he should have been deep in concentration rather than listening to the fans in the stands. All in all, he kept the team in the game as they pulled out a victory.

I forgot to consider the magnitude of today's game. It was a conference game and the coaches let him play. This is huge as he has earned their confidence. All of the games that Tink and I attended where we saw the back of his head only and drove the long car ride home...and he has made it....however, he is are only as good as your last time to relax...keep working on it....
I wonder when he can sit back and enjoy it....if he is stressed all of the time and worried that he will lose his spot, won't that make a guy (or girl) a bit crazy? As a mom, I hope that this is what he he has been achieving his goals, what is next? I will sit back and wonder....this is what a lady does at night...wonders.....

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