Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Plans

Good morning! It's a beautiful day here as we wait for more rain. Speaking of rain, I have been watching the forecast an amateur meteorologist, I am scrutinizing weather maps, fronts, Midwest tornado locations, and barometric pressure. It is my non-expert opinion that it will rain for tomorrow's game...not just will pour up to 1.7 inches on the field. Temperatures will feel like it is 34 the rain.

Yesterday, I professed my great and undying love for my baseball player who sits in the bullpen. I would brave any elements, walk through a field of stink bugs, fish in an alligator infested swamp, clean a few toilets, and empty my wallet of all of its contents for him. Yet, I have now drawn a line in that walking or sitting in a frigid rain storm waiting for a game to be postponed. I will send my love to him in a metaphysical way....or just chat with him on the phone. That's it.

Tink and I have now made plans to attend Sunday's game. Sadly, little A, my niece and Dr G, my brother were going to come to Saturday's game with us. They will have to wait until the weather is more conducive to travel and enjoy watching Buddy sit in the bullpen. However, I have lots of photos of this phenomenon, so they will have to be content with the hundreds of pictures that I currently have....Buddy sitting on the bench...Buddy leaning on the fence...Buddy spitting seeds out of his mouth...Buddy's back and left ear....riveting photos depicting a guy waiting for his time....and waiting...and waiting some more....

Speaking of bullpen, I have been watching the little kids stand by the bullpen talking to the players. According to Buddy, they are pretty funny. One of the players asked a kid to buy a hot dog for him (yes, he gave him cash). The kid complied and brought a hot dog for the player. There is a great deal of banter that goes on there as they wait out the game and for their opportunity to play. Once the game is over, the kids wait by the exit door to obtain an autograph. This is funny autograph...although I sent Buddy to a Catholic school, he did not pick up the Palmer Method of cursive writing. His signature looks like seismographic scribble on graph paper used for measuring the strength of earth quakes.

Although he is a very nice person, I reminded him of the days when he would wait for players to throw a ball into the stands for kids to catch. In their younger years, Tink and Buddy would work their way to the front of the stadium and yell at the players to give them a ball...please....On a rare occasion, the player would comply and their day, week, month and year would be made.....Buddy shares with me that the kids do not care whether he played in the game or not. The kids are still excited for a moment with a player even if he sits on the bench. He wears the uniform...a sign of great coolness in their eyes...he made, team don't forget where you come many ways, you are still little kids who dreamed of the day when you would be called into a tight game by the coach to finish off and win it for the team....never forget the days in which you dreamed of what you have accomplished....stay kind to others....enjoy the ride...and give the kids a ball....

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