Friday, April 29, 2011

Mohawk May Mayhem

Good Morning....finally the Royal Wedding is over.....Kate's dress was amazing....They both looked happy....wishing them the best. Oh wait...they have the best, including people to dress them, wash their laundry, cook their meals, wash the dishes, and drive them mistake...OK, I wish them love, happiness, and a long life together.

I received a text yesterday with an attached photo . It was my son's picture with his hair cut in a Mohawk. Apparently, it is "Mohawk May" and he decided to take the shears to his head a few days early. His dad's reply was "now your hat is not going to fit..." Ah, this is all for team unity. Actually, the hair cut is a 'faux-hawk', because he did not cut it down so far that he is bald. I saw the picture and grimaced remembering the days of his beautiful hair. His hair is such that people would stop and ask to touch it. As a child, a waitress asked him if she could feel his hair. It is thick and bushy and soft (without the excessive hair gel). While in Disneyland, the characters who played Jane and Cheetah (Tarzan reference) played with his hair as he stood in line. This did not please him a bit.

OK, it is Mohawk May...What will this mean for the team? Did they all shave their heads? Will the lack of hair result in more wins? Or more losses? Or will their hats fly off as they run for the balls or to the bases? They can't grow hair back quickly. Remember Mustache March? Well, some of the guys as they settled into hitting slumps, shaved their beards and mustaches before the month was over. The reverse with Mohawk May is not they will have live with the look and the batting slumps should they emerge. Thankfully, the family pictures were taken last week, but it is a moment to remember.

So, does facial hair or the lack of hair on the head with one streak of hairy bush-i-ness offer any kind of luck for an athlete? My nephew, who is also on a college baseball team will not shave until his team loses. Currently he looks like he is Amish. However, based on my experiences, the answer is no...if it was true, I, too, would have had a Mohawk in college when I played tennis. Unless this is a recent scientifically proven phenomenon that has been validated over the past few years, I will consider shaving the sides of my head for my next tournament. It can be the "ladies secret weapon". We would be the only winning tennis team with a Mohawk. This could take us all the way to the nationals and maybe even international certainly is something to consider. Cheeri-o!

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