Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Rain Out

Today's game has been rained out. A big storm system is crossing the country and the coaches have postponed the game. This works for me. I have lots to do at home and in the office.

I spoke with Buddy yesterday. He is working hard to raise his grade point average. He sees some A's in future. This is terrific as he seems to be working as diligently on his studies as he is on his fast ball.

He is going to be play baseball in Ohio this summer. I looked on the team's website and his name and photo are already listed. The schedule is also posted. They have approximately 50 games in two months. Is there ever too much baseball? I am beginning to think this may be the case.

I was in Cleveland once for my dad's heart surgery at the Cleveland Clinic. This is really my only experience with the state. So, I will now have the opportunity to learn about a new region of the country as we look for short term housing in Ohio. This can be fun and expensive. We'll need a furnished home or apartment that is reasonably priced. Here is what I am looking for:
1. 2 bedrooms
2. clean, clean, clean, clean
3. safe area where we can walk to stores
4. furnished with clean furniture
4. did I mention clean?

Often when I think of rentals that are furnished, my vision goes to college days where furniture was broken, ants were daily guests for meals, mold and mildew were abundant and I was too grossed out to sit on the sofa but did anyway. I am sure that people who are renting places now have higher standards than the college scene.

Life keeps changing. I often think that Buddy is enjoying living his dream, yet he said to me yesterday that he would love to come home for a few days. It probably has something to do with his friends playing baseball locally. Could it possibly be that he misses his family? hmmmm.....nah....

With that said, he is off to Illinois for a weekend series. I can listen on the radio since I subscribed to the online package. The announcers are pretty good. And it is almost like being there....except, there is no wind, rain, chill and I am comfortable sitting in my chair, reading, or working and listening to the game. I also do not have to pay $3.00 for a tiny box of Swedish fish or $4.00 for bottled water. The money stays in my pocket as I stay home. All is well in bullpen mom's world....enjoy the day....

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