Thursday, March 1, 2012

A change of heart

Happy birthday to my big boy! Twenty years ago, he was welcomed into the world and has been an important part of our lives. He's sensitive, kind, intense, brutally honest, funny, and a decent human being. That's why when he was told that he stood a better chance of being hit by lightening than making he major leagues, I felt my heart bleed for him. What doctor does something like that? Oy, such deplorable bedside manner. Uncle G is never going to refer a patient to him again. He also used a few expletives when I told him what had transpired. Actually, I think one slipped out of my mouth too...oops!

Yesterday was challenging, but the only thing that made him smile was seeing the amazing birthday cake that Sparky and the Baker had made. By hand, the Baker decorated the cake in the university's colors with the face of the mascot done perfectly. It was amazing. Genius...pure confectionery genius! Thanks to Sparky and Baker. You have no idea that your cake actually caused him for a moment not to think of his troubles.

Today, Buddy returned to school for the last two days of classes before spring break. Before class, he ran to the Medical Center to obtain another MRI disc...just in case the one that the doctor read yesterday was someone else's images. As he walked through the front door, feeling really bad about himself and in a very salty mood, he saw something that turned him around immediately. Sitting in the lobby in a wheelchair was a young war veteran who did not have arms or legs. As I type that sentence, I am humbled and look at life with a crisper lens. That young man is a hero, we are just experiencing a speed bump in the road of life. No complaints, just moving on....

And so, I am going to check the weather for Pensacola for next week, find a hotel, rent a car, and pack my bag. We leave on Sunday and return home on Wednesday. That's we were are at this point in time. The kid is celebrating his birthday with his pals as the team prepares for the long road trip to the south for 10 days without him. No one ever said that life was fair...just ask the young man in the wheelchair.

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