Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Good Morning! It's a crisp day in the northeast and the pretty spring flowers do not know what hit them. The weather until now has been almost summer like. The question that I pose is: "Is this global warming?" Hmmmm...perhaps....then again....probably not.

Ok, where do we stand today (ha...a little pun). The knee feels better each day and the swelling is going down. I am pretty sure that I do not need the crutches anymore, although today is Sparky's birthday party. We begin with happy hour then head out to a restaurant for dinner. I am thinking that I should bring the crutches, not for me...but for Sparky who might need some help standing up after her celebration. The Baker, my new pal, is baking different types of cakes based on each guest's preference. My favorite is carrot cake. Once I had a piece of her carrot cake and I immediately went into a sugar coma that lasted several hours. I am not sure what happened but I remember being breathalyzed for sugar intoxication. I was way over the limit of a normal sugar-licious blood level.

Got an early morning call from Buddy who is back in college and beginning to feel the effects of a full course load. He called to complain that he is not getting any sleep and that he does not know if he can make it through the week. So what does BP mom do?

I'll tell ya.....I did not let him complain any more and I took over the conversation:

"Hey, you live for this type of challenge...there's nothing that you cannot do...this is the life of a college athlete....you have the tools to succeed...go out and crush this exam...start to keep a list and check off each activity....by doing that you will feel a sense of accomplishment....now get going...make a difference....you can do it....buh buh"

Think that my pep talk worked? Uh...not sure, but at least I did not give him the opportunity to complain about his life that every man and boy would love to have. He has it all...no complaints...you can be tired, but this is a no whining zone!

Speaking of pep talks, Buddy was in rare form last night as he shared how the coach went ballistic at yesterday's practice. Think of every four letter word that you know...string them into a few sentences...add venom, anger, and a shot of apoplexy and you have a four hour screaming session. Yep...all through practice, Coach screamed at the guys...drinking, being late, not caring, not giving 100% and messing with his livelihood. The man is angry. So what happens? I dunno...let's stay tuned to the next game to see if the guys show more energy, because as of now, their "butts are on the line...." and before the coach loses his job, he will cut them from the team. Yikes!

Time to go and get some work done...got a few deadlines too. Have a great day!

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