Monday, March 12, 2012

BP Mom's Hall of Fame

Good morning! Before I begin, I want to send THREE shout outs! First shout out is to Big M. He has shown us what guts and determination plus the love of family and a healing dog can do. He is currently in remission for lung cancer and will have that (to quote my little boy) ^%$** port removed from his body on Wednesday. That is quite an amazing feat and very inspirational.

The second shout out is headed toward my wonderful friend "Red" who also battled ovarian cancer and stuck it back in cancer's face. Yeah, girl. She was another person whom I admire as I watched her put on her game face, adidas sneakers, and grabbed her tennis racquet and swatted cancer's ugly head away. Another remarkable woman and story. Never complaining...never, ever complaining...she quietly took it on and won the game, set, and match. Bravo!

The third shout out goes to my brother and sister-in-law, the Saints. Yep, that's right...the Saints. They have taken a life-situation called autism on and smacked it. What did they do? Lie on the sofa with the remote control and close the curtains, never to resurface? Nope! They started a foundation that offers people with autism and families services that they need to get through the day. Committed to providing a better life for people with autism, they fund raise on a regular basis and create opportunities for this population. For example, yesterday, Tink, Sparky, Baker and I attended the Harlem Globetrotters game with members of the group. This group of individuals are often ostracized, because society does not understand that this is the way that their brain is wired. But the 'Trotters met with the group after the game, shook hands, high-fived the kids, and took multiple photos. It was a great event and the smiles on their faces were priceless. Amazing,.....

These individuals and their daily battles have served to inspire me. DO they know the impact that they have had on my life? Probably not, because they are not looking for applause or praise. They simply looked for the best way to get through their challenges and as a result have made it into the BP Mom's Hall of Fame. That's right, I have a Hall of Fame in which I induct worthy people. Big M, Red, and the Saints are the first members. I am going to give them a certificate or plaque for their walls. Perhaps, we will celebrate their induction in the only way BP mom knows fit...that is...during happy hour with Tink, Sparky, and the Baker. That's right...a little ceremony while we munch on nachos, drink a half price beer, and tell tales of taking on the demons of our world.

So, as I sniffle because I have a bit of a cold, I remember the strength of these people, grab a tissue, wipe my nose, and keep my complaints to myself.

Next post, I will share the news about Buddy's shoulder. For now, I wanted to honor these individuals with a separate post. The next time that you are poured a tall one or a skinny margarita, hoist it up and toast the people in your life who have made a difference in our world either through the personal battles or hard earned triumphs. Cheers!

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