Monday, March 19, 2012

Post op day 5!

Yep, we are getting closer to the removal of the sutures and the first shower in a week. Why does that please me? You have three guesses and the first two do not count.....Even though the sutures will be out, he has to stay in the immobilizer for a month.

This means we have to prepare for the inevitable return to campus. There are some plans that have to be made. First, where will the kid sleep? Since he cannot sleep in his bed and the common room is nether quiet nor private, we are left to the room that he shares with Angel. If we buy a big lounge chair, he can tip his bed and fit it into the room. Problem one almost averted. First, we have to find a place near the apartment that has a cheap (and I mean cheap) lounge chair that will deliver it by Thursday and find a room mate to accept the delivery.

Problem Two: he is left handed and the arm is in an immobilizer for three more weeks. How will he type or complete his school work? I leave this issue up to him, however, I have been asked to type a paper today to submit it by midnight. I pray that I am not typing at 11:50 pm. Currently, he thinks that his tutors are going to type his work for him. OK, let's hope that they are willing to help him in this way. Something tells me that as they type, they will be editing and changing content to reflect the right answers. Just a guess on my part....

Problem Three: Food. I asked him if he wanted me to make food and freeze it for use each day. The answer was "No room in the refrigerator or freezer." How is this possible when there are four guys living there? Well, it seems LW's parents bought food for him and filled the fridge to the brink. he orders out each day and has not touched the food, therefore, the refrigerator is filled with rotting food.

Problem Four: If it snows, how will he make it to class without sliding and falling on his arm? I can't worry about this one. It's an unknown and something that I cannot control.

Problem Five: How far behind is he in school right now? He has missed Thursday through this Thursday. Not good....I never missed class since I was not secure enough in my capacity to figure anything out on my own. Therefore, I cannot be sure how missing class will affect him. I never had tutors except for chemistry and was that really necessary....

Problem Six: I cannot think of a problem six, hopefully I have thought of all of the permutations of what can happen to a person in college when their dominant arm is permanently affixed to his stomach in an immobilizer. Perhaps this will be a new reality show as a camera follows him around campus. Yet, if I had a dollar for very person who said to him: "I am sure a cute girl is going to want to carry your books and backpack...." I would be rich enough to buy a grande Starbucks coffee.

Got to run.....Tink wants to swim before going to work today.....

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