Sunday, March 18, 2012

Post op day 3 and 4

What an amazing day in the northeast! Happy St Patty's Day. I drove through our college town and partiers are out and about....It's a good day for a pub crawl....

How is our hero doing today? Well, he is a bit salty and short tempered and unwilling to leave the house. Odd? Yep. I tried to bribe him with heading to Sparky's bakery to no avail. Then I toyed with the idea of taking him to buy new shirts that would easily slide over his sling. Nope...he didn't bite. Then I flat out told him to leave my bedroom and find somewhere else to nest. He has all but moved in and the time is coming when mama bird has to nudge or shove her baby out of the nest. I think that he is enjoying the luxury of sleeping in the comfortable chairs and having the remote control to a flat screen television at his disposal. Did I spoil him with my nurturing? Perhaps....

Actually, he is still uncomfortable and has not had a shower since Wednesday morning. I guess that I would not want to leave the house either. Although I did wash his hair in the sink, he did not leave a tip for me as he took his wet hair and towel and returned to his chair.

And so, the saga continues and so does the process of healing. How is the team doing without him? Sadly, they have a losing record and desperately miss the leftie. Yesterday the team was winning 5-1 at the bottom of the 9th with two outs and somehow the pitching lost it. So, when I say that they miss him, I really mean it. The record of the team speaks for itself and so does the team's inability to close a game without him.

Which leads me to another thought....he generally does not feel secure on the team. The coaches do not provide a great deal of feedback and he always feels like he does not really have a position. Last year, they made the tournament for the first time in years. The pitching staff had the lowest ERA in the conference. This year, they have lost so many games and the ERAs are sky high. This makes me believe that his presence last year was a positive one for the team despite him not knowing it. Does that make sense? it took an injury to realize how valuable he was in and out of the bullpen.

Therefore, I submit that he is an asset to the team and a reason for their success. Hmmmm...this is so different from the year in which he would sit in the bullpen and not understand his value. Do I blame the coaches? Naw...they do not have that warm and fuzzy gene and have been hit in the head too many times with fast balls and line drives. In other words, they are salty and seasoned ball players who do not share feelings and emotions unless they are really peeved about a loss. Guys just have to figure out on their own where they stand and be satisfied with it. I get it. But players like Buddy might look ferocious on the pitcher's mound, but he is full of mixed emotions as he tries to peel the layers off of the team's dynamics. The coaches don't care, they just want to the kid to perform. Let the team psychologist work out their emotions and the coaches tinker with the kid's motivation and mechanics. OR maybe this is their way to motivate the player. Never tell them where they stand and leave them in the Land of Ambiguity where it is up to their personal logic to develop a philosophy on and off the ball field. Too much? Perhaps I am over thinking this phenomenon and should leave it alone.

OK, will do. And so, it is Sunday morning and my patient is healing. The doctor felt that he could return to school tomorrow and originally he wanted to do it. UNTIL...the pain came and his brain's cylinders began to fire again. Let's consider his family home versus his apartment.

Family home: All the food a kid could eat, his Grandmom's homemade ice cream cake, water, comfort, clean towels and environment, a healing dog to keep him company, privacy, assistance, and a HD 52" plasma tv with cable and movies.

Apartment: LW, filth, dirt, no food, no help, chaos, and fighting...walking to class with a sling...catching the bus....sitting in class for hours on end.

Where would you want to heal?

have a great day!

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