Friday, March 9, 2012

Ball of confusion

Remember the Temptations song, Ball of Confusion? Some of the lyrics are:
Oh, Great Googamooga,
Can't you hear me talking to you,
Just a ball of confusion,
That's what the world is today, hey

Now, I am not sure who or what Googamooga is, but it's a great word. And yes, our world is still a ball of confusion. Ready for an update? Here goes:

We went back to Doctor Two yesterday. Remember him? He was the 99.9999% guarantee that the big kid will be pitching by September. To summarize: Doctor One is still treating tendonitis with a torn rotator cuff. Doctor Three has the kid speeding up his college degree because baseball is completely out of the picture. And Doctor Four resides in Florida and does not want to cross Number Two for some reason.

Doctor Two has an ego bigger than the Grand Canyon BUT I don't want to party with him (unless he picks up the tab). My goal is to find the right guy who has the right diagnosis whether it is baseball or no more baseball. I don't care. I want an accurate this too much to ask physicians who have Ivy League educations? Come on have the state of the art equipment, brilliant minds, and tools that can save careers. What is the problem?

It seems that there is no problem. In fact, Doctor Two again reiterated that he knows what to do and will speak to Number Four and call me today. If I were to guess, the big kid is going to have surgery on March 19 with Doctor Two. However, I have been wrong before and will continue to make mistakes until I take my last breath. Yet, this decision has to be accurate.

Why? Well, I saw what Doctor Three did to the kid. He was not ready to hear that his playing days were over. However, if he can no longer pitch, then it is time to make new personal goals.

Currently, I am waiting for the phone call from Two then will touch base with Four. Confused? Perhaps....that's what the world is today, hey hey

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