Friday, March 16, 2012

post op day 2

This entry comes late in the day as my life and organization has been uprooted by one very big kid with his shoulder in a sling. Yeah, yeah, yeah...I get it, it hurts, but OY! Is he needy!

With that said, here are the facts. Although the surgery was an arthoscopic procedure, there was work done in his body to repair damage. He cannot lie down. He cannot move his left arm. His shoulder and back hurts and therefore he is cranky. If he is cranky, then I am cranky. Then his bone headed dad gave him the advice to start to wean himself off his pain medication. Needless to say, this advice was somewhat....ahhh....premature....that's it....premature.

Therefore, the discomfort turned into acute pain and he is miserable.


To: The whole world

From: BPM

Re: Postoperative Pain Relief

Do not, under any circumstance, listen to someone about pain management after surgery if they have no clue about what they are talking about.

That's my postop tip of the day....

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