Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Crunch time

It's crunch time! Forgive me for not posting for the past few days, but I have been preoccupied with a number of big issues. Let's start and finish with the big kid.

Doctor Number Two finally convinced us that he is da' Man for the surgery and therefore, we consented. It was time to move on it after too many dormant months. And so, today is the day.

Buddy left for school on Sunday in the hopes of speaking to each professor and make plans for his absences. Most of them seemed to understand. Upon arrival home yesterday, we went to the doctor's office for the pre operative testing. We waited 90 minutes in the lobby to see the surgeon for about 60 seconds. I am now going to develop some sort of game for people who are in doctor's waiting rooms. Perhaps "I spy with my eye....something....surgical.....beige....old....
uncomfortable.....impatient...." Who knows, maybe I can make a zillion dollars off this idea.

All went well in our 60 second meeting until the leftie actually processed the information..."Wait a second....I have to sleep in a chair for one week? Can't take a shower for one week? Can't move my arm for one month? Can't eat after midnight for 24 hours? No gum? No water? WHAT!!! What about my hair???" That's right, it's all about the hair.

Then I processed the information....."Wait a second....he sleeps in a chair all week...what about going back to school? Gotta wash his hair in the sink....needs medication....some kind of ice aids on the suture site.....can't get wet...look for infection.....can't move the arm...grumpy....not going back to school for 8 days....salty...going to be painful....OY!"

All in all, it is going to be fine. he can sleep in the overstuffed chairs in my bedroom and call me if he needs me. He is concerned that he will have to listen to his dad snore....Dude...a person can get used to it.....besides, you'll be medicated...

My plan is that once he is settled, I will run to the grocery store and empty the shelves. After all, he is going to be home for 8 days...long days...nights too....lots of food....the kid can eat...last night before midnight, he had a very big snack or maybe it was a nine course meal...whatever, he is going to need his favorite 'mom foods'. Planning is key to the success of this venture, so I am making several lists to make sure that I cover the bases....peanut butter, bagels, Oreos, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, a cheesecake cake from the Baker, burgers, chicken, juice.....grapefruit

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