Sunday, March 4, 2012

Three way tie

It's time to leave for Florida and I want to make sure that I have covered all of my bases. Buddy is the proud birthday owner of a new iPod Touch and has everything that he perceives that he needs. The rest of the packing is up to me. The stress is beginning to build, since I am an emotional sweets eater, I am craving the Baker's carrot cupcakes....yep, that's right...not a Merlot, but a cupcake. Make sense? Sure!

I don't like not knowing what I am dealing with so this trip is especially nerve wracking. I will be alone with the big kid, and I can handle whatever comes next, but what comes next? Will it be rehab? Will it be surgery on Tuesday? Will he be able to throw a ball again like Drew Brees did after his operation? Or is his baseball career about to come to an abrupt end? Honestly, I can handle any of the issues except for the last one. In the old days, when he would lose a game, dad and I would draw straws to see who would drive the 30 minute trip home with the kid. These rides home were BRUTAL and one of us had to do it. There were times when I did not have the psychic energy to do it, but it was "my turn" so, I listened to the rants of a crazed kid.

Now, however, the rants are longer and saltier. If we get bad news in Florida, I will be sitting next to him at close proximity for 10 hours on the way home. As Bullpen Grandmom would say: "Offer your suffering for the souls in Purgatory." I am sure that the airline serves liquor in coach (since that's all I really fly), so.....I am saving my change for a couple of those little bottles. Too bad they don't have the cupcakes, 'cause I would be ready to handle anything!

Actually, I am kidding. This is a huge few days for him. I will be standing right by his side for the good news and the not-so-good news. It's my job to hang in there and prop the kid up and support him. After all, I brought him into the world and he needs me now more than ever (except the time when he was learning to ride a two-wheel bike...he needed me then, too). Whatever happens, we can deal with it.

I am not looking at this process negatively, but the crazy road that we have journeyed has been convoluted. Nothing has made sense. No one has given a consistent picture. Three doctors=three differing opinions. This week's physician breaks the three-way tie.

And so, I am pulling together my documents, notes,and laptop, and packing my bag. I think that I have been fairly organized throughout the process...but you never know. As long as I have my photo ID and the MRI disk, I have everything...except...oops, gotta go. I forgot to download the plane tickets.
Have a good day!

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