Thursday, March 15, 2012

Post op day 1 is the day after the big surgery which according to Doc 2 was quite successful. The surgeon had such a grin on his face preoperatively and postoperatively. It was as if he was saying..."Give me that shoulder...I will fix it..." I can compare it to a closer in baseball. He's the guy who wants to pitch at the end of the game and save it for the team. Or like Michael Jordan who always wanted the ball. Or Joe Montana as he throws a perfect spiral to win the Super Bowl. This is a guy who competes as a preeminent surgeon who has no doubts in his abilities. As I said before, I do not want to be friends with my surgeon. I want him to be the biggest son of a gun who has the skills unparalleled in the Western world.

And so, after surgery and sedation, we took the big kid home who was famished. Yes, famished. First stop was for a 2 foot chicken cutlet hoagie that we all devoured, but he ate most of it. Then he polished it off with a peanut sandwich, cookies, and a dairy queen blizzard. I made him eggs and toast this morning and before I leave for work must go to the supermarket to restock the home shelves. After all, he did not have any food for 16 hours while waiting for surgery.

Currently, he still has the big bandage on and a weird ice machine that circulates cold water on his shoulder. It's pretty neat. I wish that I had one of those things for when I overdo it at Zumba. He's taking his pain medicine every four hours and has designated Tink, who is on spring break, as his indentured servant. He sent her out last night for the blizzards and I am sure there will be another blizzard run while I am at work today.

His friend Dewey had this kind of surgery in December and has warned him that Day 1 is the worst day and you want to cut your arm off with a steak knife because the pain is so bad. Thanks Dewey for preparing the big kid....NOT! Buddy is sitting quietly in his chair waiting for the big pain to begin. Is that crazy or what? "I know that I am going to suffer today,'s going to hurt....really really bad..." Again, thanks Dewey.....

And so, the saga and journey continues. Yesterday before surgery, he was set on going back to school on Sunday. Today, we have a different story....Maybe I'll go back next Thursday. After all, my apartment is disgusting and I don't want an infection. There you have words exactly. Am I a prophet? Nope, just someone who knows her kid and what his apartment looks like and believe me, you do not want hay fever in this place, let alone a post surgical wound. I could do a few lab experiments with petri dishes and am sure that the bacteria that grows will be unidentifiable because they are breeding new types of microorganisms.

Time for me to run to the grocery store to find food that can be opened with one non dominant hand. Thanks for hanging in there with us during this journey.

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