Friday, June 22, 2012

Achieving goals

The heat continues and  we are feeling pretty wet in the northeast. As the perspiration falls off the brow, I can't help but think that I prefer this weather as opposed to the snow in January.

Yesterday, Buddy and I took the trip to campus for a few reasons. Reason number 1 was for "Sandusky training." Since he was scheduled to teach kids next week at a campus sponsored camp, he was not cleared to become a counselor until he sat through "three hours of torture." Yep, torture....that's I sat in the beautiful library working on my laptop and watching the students sleep in the big chairs, I continued to receive text messages from him...."this is torture...." "I'm dying..." "Save me..." "DO they think that I am an idiot?" and "This is common sense".  Right, it's common sense yet we still have pedophiles in our society preying upon the innocent.

And so, after the workshop was over, he was presented with a yellow badge of courage by the facilitator. And the world is now a safer place now that my son knows to call the police if he witnesses or suspects something shady in going on. Whew...for a while, I was worried....True, this is common sense, but more and more, I suspect that people just don't have it. When they were standing in line in heaven before they were born, they skipped the common sense line and opted for the playing Wii talent.

Reason number 2 for returning to campus was to meet with the athletic academic advisor to get him back on track. Come h____ or high water, this guy is going to graduate in two years, not three. That's right, I want him to have a great time in school. College is memorable (or parts of it at least are....), but there is no reason to stretch it out when you have all of the resources that you need to succeed. From tutors to mentors to preferable classes and schedules, this kid has it made. Therefore, there are no excuses. When I was in college (Sorry to reminisce), I was at the bottom of the food chain on campus and needed one more theology course to graduate. The only course left that was open and fit into my schedule was (surprise!) Mysticism East and like the name? I didn't and today, I still remember the professor asking the class when they last had a mystical experience. The dude behind me raised his hand and said that his last mystical experience took place when he took LSD. Nice, huh? The rest of the class nodded their heads and uttered...'oh yeah...that was an experience...' With that said, never having had a mystical experience, I could not relate to the course, objectives or faculty member and therefore squeaked by with a 'sort of' passing grade. I then closed the door on my theology requirements.

Back to the big kid, after he stopped to see his advisor, he was given a link to click onto to take a summer course. Yep, a summer course. That's right...using the ole noodle during July and parts of August. Cracking open a book and reading it....Sitting in a chair and writing a paper or two or three....that's my boy....Let's see if somehow he weasels out of this by clicking on the wrong link and blaming his advisor when the class is full or he can't find the book on

Reason number 3 for returning to campus was to clean his apartment. It seems that Big Red moved out and left the chairs that he "borrowed" from the stadium in the apartment. Also, LW ate several meals and left the dirty dishes in the sink. Those dishes happen to belong to us, so I assume that his intention is that Buddy or I will clean them. Nice....sloppy....gross... they have been sitting in the sink for over a month. My comment to my son was for him to either throw the dishes on LW's bed or box them and toss them out. The dishes were cheap and left over from last summer. I can always go to the Dollar Store and buy a few dishes for the new house. Also, did anyone clean out the refrigerator and cabinets before they left for the summer? A show of hands, one? That's what I thought.....FYI...I want my deposit back in August, so the boys have a bit of work ahead of them.

Now that our goals were achieved, we can sit back over the weekend and hang out. There is work to do, but it can be done at a slow, summery pace. Dad is working on taking a vacation, but I still contend that a family vacation is not a vacation unless the entire family goes....and so it goes.....time to move on and settle in for the night. It's time for my nightly mystical experience.....yep....on to bed....soft pillows, cool sheets, and cuddly that is mysticism at its best. Perhaps I can write a term paper on it.

Have a great weekend!

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