Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Housekeeping 101

Hi! This is a to take Tink to an appointment since Buddy took the extra car. Anyway....

California was drafted! Not by the military but by a major league baseball team. No one is happier than his former room mates AND the big left hander himself. All of his hard work and perseverance has paid off. I look forward to watching him play when he is in town. Congratulations big guy!

Also, one of Buddy's bullpen pals from Ohio was picked up by the Cubs. This, too, is wonderful news. Now, talk about big....he's 6'7" and over 220 pounds of fast ball and off speed pitches....well done!

The draft went ten rounds yesterday and concludes today. More about the selections later.

With California packing his bags and leaving campus, there is an empty room in the house that will not be sharing the rent. The three other guys need a paying boarder, who will it be? At this point in the year, everyone has a place to live. This once again means that BP mom is paying for the uninvited boarders, the spiders to live rent free.

Perhaps, I can stay there when I am in town. I can fix it up with gingham curtains and a little desk. I can hang pictures of my family on the walls and paint the room a nice shade of green. you think? Not! Not only does my son not want me to be there, but I don't either. There is a point when you let them go...let them throw their clothes on the floor....let them entertain mice, ants, roaches, and spiders....hang their Budweiser and Coors beer signs....and keep the Christmas tree up year round....leave the bathroom dirty...dirty crusted dishes in the sink...dust on the television....a smell of shoe wafting through the air like perfume....ahhhh.....It's their mothers are allowed....including oh so uber cool ones..... :-)

I have friends who go to their children's apartments and clean for them. Haaaaa Haaaaa....not going to happen in this century at least. The big guy has been doing his laundry since 6th grade.  he knows how germ and microbacteria grow and manifest. I have equipped him with the skills to maintain a clean and healthy home. My work in Housekeeping 101 is complete. No, he did not earn an "A"...more like a C minus....but that is a passing grade in my book.

On to Coach T. Dad and Buddy went to his game last night and he looked impressive...5 innings...1 hit....when will the major league team call him up? Soon! Please!!!!

OK, time to run out with Tink...have a wonderful day!

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