Saturday, June 2, 2012

Returning to where it began


Not much going on this weekend. The big kid continues to work out with his physical therapist and at the gym. He is passionate about his sport and is desperate to return to his team for fall ball. In fact, he is progressing better than expected. Over the years, he has learned about hard work and not listen to individuals who did not think that he had the "goods" to bring it home.

Tonight, I had to twist his arm to return to his elementary school to honor his former coach who has been teaching there for 20 years. Over 60 graduates of the little academy are returning and he was not one of the kids happy to attend the party.

Why did I have to twist his arm? Well, if you are a regular reader, you may know that elementary school was painful for him. He was somewhat of a quiet kid and was bullied and ostracized on and off by the tougher kids. He was scorned on a number of occasions and I had to threaten on a number of times to take him out of the school and enroll him in another school closer to home.

However, the punches that he took as a kid served not to knock him down but strengthen him. Yes, it was painful for him and us. There were times when I would dry his tears and hold back my own. But all of the taunts and difficulties served to mold a guy who worked harder than anyone else. As he goes back to school tonight with his dad, he is the only regular division 1 college player of the entire graduating class. That's right...the guys who started and were the coach's favorites are starting to form beer guts and remember the glory days of 8th grade....sheesh! On the other hand, Buddy returns a reluctant hero.

That's right. Before he left the house, he said that he did not want to rub his success in anyone's face. Hmmm...from a kid who was the brunt of the kids' jeers. Interesting....yep...interesting...he has a heart and sense of right and wrong...well done!

Addendum: as I finished writing this note, the kid returned home very early. He never saw the guest of honor since he arrived late and was anxious to leave. Upon questioning, he disclosed that he was the tallest person at the party and the kids who once taunted him were losing their hair and had beer bellies. He wanted no part of the party once he was there and left immediately. My spidey senses tell me that walking back into the gymnasium brought up painful memories.

Once again, although he experienced troubling times, there were good ones too. However, no one at that school acknowledged his potential and often relegated him to the back. I would tell him that a person's true athletic talents blossom at the age of 14 years old. He waited and shazamm! He grew.....filled out....and threw a fast ball that would break Delaware records.

Therefore, may I submit that although the going was rough....he prevailed...excelled ....and is now one of the top relievers in his conference. I do believe the coach should be thanked for this one. Gracias coach, for ignoring and belittling my kid. It worked. He is still playing ball and has moved forward despite many periods of self doubt and bouts of low self esteem. For this (and only this) am I grateful.......

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