Sunday, June 10, 2012

Queen of all baseball

Good morning! A big shout out to the "Kid" as she celebrates a very big birthday...I won't share which one...let's just say, she is one more year maturer than last year.

Also, my niece Lil A, 9 years old, is in her first triathlon. Yep, that's right...triathlon...a three phase event including swimming, running, and biking. On the other hand, my triathlon began this morning as I struggled to get out of bed (phase 1), walk across the bedroom floor (phase 2), and get dressed (phase 3). It seems that I pulled a few muscles in my lower back on Friday while playing tennis. Yep, I won so it was so worth as I work to get in and out of the car I realize that it is time to take the Aleve....

Since Buddy is home this summer rehabbing from his shoulder surgery, I am watching a true athlete (like Lil A) work out. here is his schedule of work-outs: physical therapy three times a week, 90 minutes of stretching and bands work every day, cardio for one hour every day, and weight training four days a week. Combine that with working a full schedule in the bakery and you have a kid committed to making it. His muscle mass is up as is his weight. He continues to transform himself and there is no doubt that he will give his all trying to make it to the pros.

We spoke about California yesterday and he mentioned that the newest major league pitcher is a bit "doughy" around the middle and not in great shape. Interesting. I thought that all of these guys had superior training schedules and actually, they probably do. It's just that they probably eat an Entenmann's cake after finishing their work outs or perhaps are eating donuts while on the treadmill. nevertheless, his fast ball is in the 90's so, 'nuf said....if he can throw hard and get it over the plate and is left handed, he makes the pros.

There is some anguish in the BP mom household. It seems that almost every pitcher on Coach T's AAA baseball team have been called to the pros except Coach T. He is having a great year, but remains in minor league player. Guys who do not have the statistics that he has are up in the majors. Therefore, by watching this major-minor league shuffle, I have decided that it does not make sense, nor has a reasonable process. Once again, do I have to get involved? Let's see, if I ruled all of baseball, which includes the majors, minors, and little league....things would be much different.....

As the Queen of all baseball, I would:
  • eliminate trophies that are earned just for showing up (I threw all of them out when we moved and kept the trophies that were earned)
  • have multiple skill levels for the kids in little league and add more instruction pertaining to fundamentals
  • assure all kids have the opportunity to play including children with disabilities (although certain leagues already have this initiative)
  • eliminate fathers as coaches
  • have a system where the children who do not have money can still play ball and have their equipment funded by major league baseball. In other words, some of these kids need stipends to buy cleats and gloves.
  • high school players would be part of the little league system as big brothers
  • college kids would mentor the high school players
  • the majors and minors are in a bit of a mess, so I will have to save my ideas for another blog posting in the future
And so, as the designated Queen of all baseball, I will begin my reign in little league and work my way up to the higher levels. There will be no fights between fathers and umpires. Every child will bat at least once. And after the game, everyone eats a healthy snack. Whaddya say? Can I have your vote to change America's past time? Huh? Please! 

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