Friday, June 1, 2012


Greetings! I hope that this note is finding you in good health and better spirits.

How is life in the BP mom household? Well, we have found a summer routine with life falling into place. I finished PT with Tank yesterday and brought him a cake from the bakery. We had a graduation celebration and all that was missing were balloons. I had the bakery decorate the cake in the colors of the plastic rubber bands that Tank tied around my ankle forcing me to walk as the tourniquet cut off my blood flow. Maroon, bright blue and a shade of green that I cannot identify adorned the cake. While I had the bands around my knees and ankles for one last time, the therapists ate their cake. I was happy that they enjoyed it while I slipped in a pool of my own perspiration. Let me tell you...I still am not convinced that the rubber band/tourniquets have therapeutic value but since the knee is so much better, I have to go with it.

What else is going on? Well....California has had a try out with the Mets and Marlins. He has been named one of the top prospects in Pennsylvania. How great is this information? The kid worked so hard and is a great pitcher. Two other players on Buddy's team should also be drafted next week. We shall see....

Now, if California is going to pack his glove, cleats, and dip and head to the minor leagues this summer, what does this mean for Buddy? First of all, he is thrilled for the big guy. This is amazing news. But, he wanted to learn more from California before he moved on to the big leagues. Second, there is an empty bedroom in the little house of horrors next year. So, either the three other guys have to pay more or LW has threatened to take the last room. Shades of horror! In addition, it has been reported that there is an infestation of spiders as this year's seniors vacate the premises. Ew!

Hey! This is where they wanted to live. They have a stand alone house with a porch on the front and back. Dog is planning barbecues and he is going to play his guitar. Buddy is looking for second hand furniture and Budweiser signs to decorate the place. My goodness, they already have pets...the spiders.

What do the spiders mean for the group of guys? I'll tell means that their mothers and sisters will NEVER step foot into the house and they can keep it any way that they want over the next two years. I don't care....not going in....not now...never! I will sit on the porch and enjoy Dog's music while drinking Merlot out of a red Solo cup. I wonder if they will name their pets....

Have a wonderful day!

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