Monday, June 4, 2012

To cruise or not to cruise?

Yeah! What a beautiful day in the northeast...low humidity...low's like the spring that we never had.

Last night we had a family meeting about a summer vacation. I wanted to take an Alaskan cruise in August before the kids return to college. I felt that a cruise would be relaxing. Further, by cruising through Alaska, it would be interesting too. As a family, we have  not had a vacation in years. I have never felt deprived, we just had other things to do during the summer. One year, Buddy and I were in Florida for a week. OK, technically, this was not a vacation, but it felt like it as we both did something that we love. He played ball at the Red Sox facility and I watched. How great is that?

And so, when we proposed the cruise, I got a "no way, nope...not going...I have to continue my to get back to baseball." Hmmm.... Dude, the ship has a state of the art training facility where you can work out in luxury...all the food you can eat...sleep late...see interesting with your beloved and supportive family. What gives?

After he said that, I made the executive decision: "OK, no cruise, no vacation. We are staying home."

Was I being a martyr? Did I want him to feel bad about ruining my vacation? After all, the three of us could have gone without him, but I was not having it. Let me be clear. This is not punishing him in any way. In fact, it is supporting my big leftie.

How so? is not a family vacation unless the 'family' goes together. If one of us for one reason or another cannot leave, then none of us leave. We're a family and if that means that our vacation takes place in the backyard, gym, or mall, then so be it. We are going to be together. That's it.

Would Roseann leave without DJ (uh, yeah...probably)....but June and Ward would not leave for Alaska without the Beaver.

Am I sad that I am not taking my long awaited cruise? Nope. I can always go somewhere for a long weekend with Tink, Chill, Blue Devil, Scoob or Big Sis. Sometimes I take Grandmom and Grandpop to the beach. Not being at work is a vacation too.....

And so, the day begins with the promise of accomplishing lots of goals. No vacation plans, but who needs 'em? I'll use the money to paint the house.

Have a good one!

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