Saturday, June 16, 2012

Thank you for being my friend

Howdy! It's Father's Day Weekend! Happy day to our beloved dads who never sugar coated anything and told us how life is in no uncertain terms. I have been privileged to watch a number of great dads within my own family and have been blessed by their place in my life. I love watching the fathers on the block playing with their children after work. They are hitting tennis balls, playing hoops in the drive way, and taking them for walks. It is truly inspiring to watch them after long days at work taking over for mom who is fried after caring for the kids, pets, houses, and often their own jobs. Family life with friends stopping by to chat and for support..nothing better.....

OK, Cupcake is going to be christened tomorrow. Yes, our own little sweetie is going to have Holy water poured onto her head as we watch in the more original sin for this cutie.... I will never forget Buttercup's (Cupcake's mom and my God-daughter) christening. She was such a beautiful baby. I fell in love with her before she was born and still think of her as a pseudo-daughter. She and Tink were very close growing up. Life has been so much better with my girls. Now she has her own daughter and understands the nature of parental love. Once you have it, you completely understand where your own parent's came from (sort of....some times years of therapy help too)

When Tink came, I thought that I could never love another child as much as I loved her. Wrong! Then Buddy entered my life and times two. As children, I watched them sleep and would stand there with my legs frozen I lucky or what? Today, as they sleep, I think...yep, I am lucky....and why is that dryer sheet and wet towel on the floor? When are they going to clean these rooms? And, I am afraid to look under their beds without a mask, protective goggles and clothing, and a mask on.

It's crazy and wonderful at the same time....hence this blog. Some day, I would like to publish these events...and if that day does not happen, Tink, Buddy, and  my family and friends have a written reminder of our lives together. Wow...again...having all of these people in my life is such a blessing. Thank you for reading and being part of my ruminations and musings...Family and to all .....enjoy the weekend. It's time for me to make some pasta salad for little Cupcake's big party.

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