Thursday, June 28, 2012

On your mark, get set, go!

Good morning! It's hot and juicy outside and already I need another shower...too much information, right?

OK, let me begin with the usual discussion as the big leftie is at school this week to help his college coach run a camp on campus. He got an "A" in 'Sandusky Training' which is tongue in cheek. It's a sad indictment on our society when teenagers and young adults are mandated to take pedophile identification and prevention seminars as well as need child abuse and criminal background checks. For each person who complains about this (I am talking to my son), if one child is saved from a vicious attack, then it will be well worth the three hours of "total agony" that he experienced listening to the statistics and methods of prevention. So, camp counselors....sit down and shut up...time to learn something.

Whew. Glad I got that off my chest....

It's time to give a BPM "shout out" to my favorite baker in the world (sorry mom).....It seems that the Baker has been given an award by a regional magazine of BEST TASTING CAKE! Dang, I knew it. Yeah, let me describe this cake in the only way BP mom knows how to: "OMG....ahhhh....yum...." That's right. I could take the single layer 6 inch round vanilla vanilla cake, a fork, and a cup of coffee and not get up from the table until the whole cake disappeared. That's is absolutely correct...complete gluttony. Thousands of calories....No stopping for air...inhaling every crumb until I fell from my chair in ecstasy. Too much? Yeah, probably. OK, I would clearly slice the cake and eat all of it in a day because nothing tastes better except for BP Grandmom's fresh strawberry shortcake.

With that said, she will be honored in July in the magazine and the best of the region's party. This will be the second party like that I will have attended. The first one was the best of Delaware party that I went to with my pal, Wildcat. She and I walked around a huge venue sampling the cakes, pizzas, sandwiches, and drinks that were considered the best in Delaware. When I left the party determined to come back again, I think the button popped off my pants. Once you are in the room with the best, you want to try everything....and I do mean everything. Some foods I spit out because they tasted like dirt, but most were well worth the calories and new pants size. And so, before I go to honor the Baker, I will consume only salads, eliminate carbs and sugars from my diet, and start training for a marathon.

Speaking of marathons, my good friend, the Marathon Runner is actually not a marathon runner. But she wants to be. As such, she has started a blog: where she is chronicling her desire to run a full marathon in November with her coach. This is a lofty goal. Loftier than my training so that I can eat vanilla vanilla cake goal. She wins the goal contest. My goal is purely emotional eating. She is working at improving her health through exercise and not sugar. Good for her....bad for me....

And so, it is time for me to read and grade some papers. I hope that you have a cool and breezy day....

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