Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Finding the mojo

Good morning! We are counting down to Friday when the big kid leaves home for his junior year. Thankfully, I still have Tink around to hang out with and keep me sanely insane....

We have lots and lots to do....but first, let me share a conversation that we had on the way home from campus on Sunday afternoon. He asked me how my tennis game was going and why I was on a losing skid. It's true that I have not won a match for several weeks despite outplaying the opponents. Hmmmm, I had to be careful with this one because......

I had a conversation with Buddy's physical therapist who said that he was going to be fine and better than ever but he had to get over the injury/surgery in his mind. In other words, his head will prevent him from achieving what he can attain as a pitcher. He has to leave the surgery and injury in the past and focus his complete attention on the current pitch. According to the therapist, all athletes go through this after an injury or surgery....all athletes? Including weekend warriors with bad knees? This is interesting.....

Ok...so....as a pseudo-athlete...weekend warrior....former college player.....and former Zumba and kick boxing devotee....perhaps my head is getting in my own way. I did return from surgery earlier than I should have and still keep myself from totally going for a shot...after all....I want to keep the cartilage in my right knee...so maybe I need to think this thing through to develop a personal philosophy especially one about losing.

First, I did not want to share with the kid that I am a total "head case". He already knows that....Second, I want him to know that a person recovering from an injury or surgery can be better than ever....So, I had to consider how I was going to discuss my losing streak...

The conversation went something like this:

Leftie: "Uh ma, what's the deal with you losing so much?"

BPM: "Yep....can't seem to pull a match out these days...."

L: "Why?"

BPM: "Good question....great question....maybe...I stink...."

L: "Got to get out of your rut....."

BPM: "OK, any words of wisdom will be most appreciated..."

L:"Go back to fundamentals...."

BPM: "Thanks, kiddo...will focus on the swing...."

Well now, here is the kid giving his mama advice when she needs it the most. I think that he is also concerned that I am destroying the family name as I am in the loss column on a regular basis. Am I embarrassing him? I had not thought about that notion until right now. Perhaps I am giving the BP family a bad name and thought of as a choke-artist as opposed to someone who is a winner.

OY! Now that hurts...

Nah....I will tell you why I am losing so much. I started back too soon (ego)....and have been playing with new partners, none of whom I am completely comfortable with yet (except Red and Mizz G)....Not that this is an excuse, but doubles is about trusting a partner. So far, I have not been able to relax with the new people that I am playing with....Each person plays differently and has a unique style. It takes time to adjust to new partners.

However, this again is not the reason for the losses. The other team has outplayed us. That's it. They have played better. And so, here is my philosophy...I am comfortable with losing when I do my best and the opposing team is better. After all, it is a competition. If I play poorly and lose because of my inability to make a play, then I am hard on myself.

In contrast, a pitcher is the same way. If he is unable to throw a ball past the batter, then his team deserves to lose. Even the best pitchers and weekend warriors have bad days. its part of the highs and lows of competition. In fact, it is what brings a person back to the field or court.

And so, my team (not thanks to me, but in spite of me) has made the district playoffs this weekend, where we will fight to go to the regional championships, then the nationals (cool, huh?). I have suggested to my captain that she should bench me if she really wants to win. Therefore, I will be at the districts in street clothes unless they need me because the entire team got food poisoning from the donuts.  

Consequently, I will cheer and be happy for their success and work even harder to be more of a presence next year. No worries...my ego can take it...sort of...got to get my "mojo" back...soon....indoor season will be starting soon....

Enjoy the day!

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