Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Making plans

Good morning! I just saw Al Roker and Matt Lauer in USA wrestling uniforms...not pretty.....

The summer is quickly coming to an end and we have begun the process of putting together a house for the big kid. Thanks to Einstein's mom, he has a television. Thanks to the neighbors down the street who are downsizing, he has beat-up furniture. And lastly, thanks to BP mom, he has what he needs to be comfortable in his new place.

Although we continue to have interrupted conversations.....

"Do you think that I need a fan in every room of the house?" "No"

"Do you think that I need rocking chairs for the porches?" "That would be nice."

"Do you think that I need a lock for my bed room door?" "Most definitely."

"Do you think that I need a grill for cookouts?" "Not allowed."

Now, here come my questions that are still not answered to this date:

"How much is the monthly rent?"  "Don't know."

"When are you moving in?" "As soon as I can."

"Who is going to help you to move the sofa and furniture out of the apartment now that Big Red and LW have vacated the premises?" "Angel"

"Who is going to clean the apartment so that we get the deposit back?" "I guess me. Will need to take the house vacuum since the little one that you gave me broke last October."

"When are your former room mates going to pay your dad for the cable bill?" "Dunno"

"Where are you going to store your furniture after you remove it from the apartment? After all, you cannot move into the house right away..." "uh....our garage?"

"Last question....what is your major? "This week, it is journalism....."

Yep, we have terrific conversations as we plan the next phase of the big kid's in a house with three other guys who will not try to kill each other by October. Since California was drafted by the Giants, a transfer athlete from the Midwest is joining the guys as the 4th room mate. Let's see...they would rather have a guy that they never met take the last bedroom as opposed to living with the infamous LW. That speaks volumes, although LW rented a place across the street and plans to be a big presence in the house. Last year, he spent a great deal of time lounging and playing video games while composing rap songs about lost love on the sofa. I'm sure he went through some type of sofa-withdrawal over the summer.    Now he has the soft cushions to look forward to as he crosses the street and takes his place on the middle of the couch.

Oh boy, the stories that are going to fly out of this place. Once again, I will have to go over the house rules with the guys and share my special brand of wisdom. I am sure that they will roll their eyes as they pleasantly not listen to their room mate's mom.

Although Buddy learned a thing or two when he and his posse went to a party last month. He and his friend left the party early (2 am ish) as the destruction started. A group of drunken partiers began to break and overturn furniture, destroyed pictures, and threw peanut butter sandwiches onto the ceiling. They broke holes through the walls as the room mate watched and did not stop the destruction. According to witnesses, the drunken melee then went out to the yard as these entitled brats broke trees. Buddy left before the party got out of hand as the flying peanut butter sandwiches were launched. Currently, the landlord is taking the room mates to court to pay for damages to the trees. Really? Why didn't the room mates stop the destruction? I think that the answer is that there were too many to stop the action and they were too inebriated to care.

With that said, the big kid is learning quite a bit through observation and trial and error....guess what? One day he will have the stories and wisdom to share with his son and/or daughter (or both) as they goes off into the world too....

Gotta go!

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