Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What's next?

Hello! It's a sunny day and the summer flowers are looking gorgeous. It's also a quiet morning in the BPM household. Both kids have the mornings off and I have the peace and solitude of no one including the dog to interrupt  the morning routine of coffee, newspaper, and Olympics. Now I can write without multitasking and mediating who gets the car keys.

And so, whazzup? Nothing! It is a typical summer day....

The fascination with the Olympics is now over. I am tired of the over-commercialization and the commercials. The Today show and post event interviews are bothering me. If one more correspondent asks a gold medal winner "What are you feelings?" I am going to scream. That's it? That's the question? About feelings?

Hmmm...let's consider this....how would you feel if your entire life was dedicated to working out and sacrifice? You finally achieve the pinnacle of your career and you are asked about your feelings. If they really thought about it, the question should be after offering sincere congratulations: "Now, what are you going to do with the time that you spent training for this event?" In other words, you suddenly have 8 hours in your day which you can achieve another goal or get a real job. Not that I want to be a buzz killer but that is the next logical step? I have not seen any want ads in the newspaper for former Olympians.

So, what's next?

Here is how I would do it:

BPM: "Hey, great effort....sorry about you coming in last in the event, but who ever said life was fair?"

Athlete: "Ah..no  one said that it was fair, but come on...I am better than all of them including that Phelps guy."

BPM: "Yeah...I saw that...the only difference between you and the Phelps guy is that he has 19 medals. So, what's next on your agenda? The London Tour....meeting with the Queen's fourth butler twice removed....or perhaps you are going to find a job?

Athlete: "No need for a job, I am going to live with my parents until I marry the heiress that I met at the gym last week."

BPM: "Gotcha...well good luck with that and great effort...."

Athlete: "Thanks for not asking about my feelings...."

BPM: "No problem...it's a lame question...."

That is how it should be done.....

One last thought about retiring athletes, once they retire from badmiton or table tennis, what is the next logical step? I am not sure....but this is something that should be researched by a team of professionals What happens when all of the parties and celebrations are over? How does an athlete adjust to life? I read in the paper today that several members of the Cameroon Olympic squad have left the games without permission. Where did they go? Are they starting their new lives in England or have they moved on to another location? Did they get jobs or will they travel and find their bliss? Europe is amazing this time of the year, perhaps they are going to get a transit pass and tour the sights.

With that said, it is time to accomplish some of my own goals.....no medals involved...just a pay check to pay the mortgage....


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