Friday, August 24, 2012

Sniff sniff

Good morning! Well, he is gone....yep, back to school....last night while cleaning the dinner dishes, I let myself cry a bit...OK, not a bit...a lot...after all, I needed to lose some fluid after diving into the "thank you" cake that he bought for us. After picking up his last paycheck at the bakery, he also brought home a chocolate cake with the phrase "thank you" on it...yeah...I was touched...perhaps too much. And so, the tears flowed and continued throughout the night and this morning.

He has to go. The kid is continuing to develop as a person and student. He has goals and is looking forward to being with the guys. Family time is over for now. And so....moving on.....

My semester at work begins today and I have to think about how I am going to fit into the fall ward robe. Last night I watched Project Runway. A designer had to create a new look for a "plus size" woman. Throughout the entire show, he threw daggers and darts at this poor woman who was a normal size and had four kids. He even made her cry. I was actually livid watching the show. Is that what designers think? That we have to be pencil thin to look good and feel comfortable in our skin....??? Well, I'm not buying it or anything that this designer is going to sell...he lost my business with his snarkiness.

I was appalled, then I thought about my pant suits that I generally wear in the classroom and got worried. It's time to amp up the work outs and sew my mouth shut for a few weeks. There is nothing worse than using butter to grease the legs and pull the pants over the hips. I guess it was too much butter that got them that way. Actually, I don't use butter, I just don't wear the pants and stick with the skirts until I lose my summer puffiness....

On another note, tomorrow, the district championships in tennis begin. I will be on the sidelines encouraging the team on to victory. If they win the first round, I will probably play in the afternoon. Ah...the pressure of trying to get the mojo back is daunting. It may be time for some guided imagery, meditation, or a confidence check. I obviously have to figure out why I am on a losing streak. Or, maybe I don't....the pressure is to win for my team mates. If it was all about me, I could take the losses in stride. But I feel as if I am letting the girls down, so there is the stress.

Now, I am feeling tense....yep....Buddy is at school which makes me happy and sad. Work begins today which tenses me....and the playoffs tomorrow are giving me agita....Man oh man, I now need that vacation......although I must confess that I am a bit of a mess today.

You should see what my hair looks like. The tile guy came at 7:30 am to fix the tile in the shower and looked stunned when he saw me....what? He's never seen an on-the-verge- of plus size woman who is stressed out and has cried all night....?? Come on, big deal...happens all the happy that you are here to fix the tile and not design my clothes.

And I am off......

Have a great day!

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