Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Positive attitude=success!!

Good morning! It's a crazy morning in the BPM house as workers are fixing the tile in the bathroom and my young adults had to begrudgingly arise from bed several hours before their usual late morning time. Diva dog is having a fit as the guys walk up and down the stairs. Her barking is distracting me from watching Al Roker and Hoda Kotb play beach volleyball against the reigning gold medal champions. During the interviews, these two athletes displayed personalities like sand. Can anyone spell "uninterested?" So, rather than try to catch some inane interviews, I will catch up on my blogging until the tile guys give me a bill to pay.

Yes, I am still enthralled by the Olympics. I heard today that a badminton team threw a match to get to an easier draw in the second round. Oh yeah? Hey, not good! Where's the competition here? This is the Olympics! You don't throw games. Never! Although....

.....I do know of a club tennis player who deliberately threw a match so that she could move down a level since the competition at her level was tough and she was not winning....Hey! That's just wrong! Red and I lost yesterday, but it was a great match until my stupid calf muscle acted up and I could not run anymore. I did not share the information with Red, 'cause I did not want to worry her. But in hindsight, I should have opened my mouth. I feel very protective of my little buddy Red 'cause she is such a fighter who has overcome cervical cancer, a blocked intestine from the chemo, and a broken shoulder. She never, ever, ever complained....ever! Yeah....this chickie is one tough fighter. She is not throwing any games to play at a lower less competitive level. In fact, Red has game and is my hero and that, Olympians? Now go out there and fight. And if you lose your round, so be it. At least, you did your best.

On to my big kid with the glove on his right hand. He found out through Big Red, his former friend and room mate, although they are friends again (and they say women are fickle), that the coaches are excited about his recovery and can't wait for him to rejoin the team. This is terrific news for the leftie. Sometimes, he gets a bit moody, as he thinks that life is passing him by while he rehabs in the gym. He feels that the team has moved on and he is not needed anymore. It's a confidence issue. But it warmed his heart to find out that he was truly missed last year.

It's tough being a guy. They are not as communicative as women and the coaches have kept their thoughts to themselves. It would have been nice if they had said this to his face. He could have used it as a confidence builder. Instead, he spent many months in a funk and worried about his position on the team. Some of the players did not perform well this past year and either lost partial scholarships or all of their money. Tough!

And so, he is now more motivated than ever to continue to work out and regain his old form. I must say that he has added muscle to his frame and weighs more than he ever did (although he was one bigggg baby). The excitement to exercise, run, and lifts weights is back. My kid is more of himself that he has been since February. Therefore, hard work, determination, perseverence, and attitude seem to be the keys to success. Right, Red?  Now, go tell that to the badminton team.

Go USA!!

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