Tuesday, July 31, 2012

BP Mom Olympics

It's been a few days since my last post. The Olympics have captured my attention. Unfortunately, I know the results before the event is broadcasted. For example, as I watched NBC this morning with my coffee in hand, they reported the Queen's granddaughter was in the hunt for a medal. Then Matt Lauer started a lame interview and I changed the channel to ABC who then announced the granddaughter won a silver medal. OK, no need to turn NBC back on. My 30 minutes dedicated to cheering Zara Phillips was cancelled.

In a way, it makes me kind of sad. With Twitter, Internet, and 24 hour reporting, we knew within seconds that Michael Phelps lost a race. There is a new swimmer in town named Ryan Somebody-or-another and he beat the all time swimming champ. Also, I knew that the men's gymnasts lost the medal. But they were not scheduled to show the meet until late at night. Anyone with a computer knew the outcome, so it was onto a HBO movie.

What I don't understand is why NBC just does not broadcast these big events live....show the competition at 2pm. I'll watch...but I am not going to watch a match in which I know the outcome. It is a waste of time.

Although, on Sunday night, we took BP Grandmom and Grandpop to a sports bar (OK, no judging...) and watched table tennis (again don't judge...it was cool to watch). Wow....are those players fast and good. It makes our little Christmas ping pong tournament seem quite bogus. These Olympians can teach us a thing or two or one hundred. Amazing.....

So, as I sit on the sofa with an ice bag on my knee after losing a tough match today with Red, beach volleyball is on.....yep, it's an Olympic sport. Naturally, I am rooting for USA, but the other team (I think ESP is Spain) is pretty tough. If I was a few years younger and had to choose an Olympic sport to train for, I don't think that I could choose one because they either look like a lot of fun or scare the life out of me.

For example, the archery looks like it would be fun. The only sports injury that I could incur would probably be a blister on my arrow hand. On the other hand. the girls and guys who are gymnasts get my complete respect. Propelling themselves on the uneven bars is amazing...then they vault and twist in the air and land on their feet....then the balance beam is probably one of the most outrageous events as they do cartwheels and flips on a plank the size of a toothpick. Maybe I am a bit chicken to even try it. OK, I am too afraid to even give a cartwheel a go....and my balance has been way off....so what do I do?

Well, I guess that I will stick to what I know best with tennis. I have given up Zumba since my knees started to ache and I tore a meniscus. Today, I read in the paper that doctors see at least two Zumba related injuries per week and the newest trend called "Insanity" is also causing more injuries.   Paddle is out since you have to bend the knees the entire time and they have already sent my brain a memo that they will not allow me to play this sport. 

And so, if there is an Olympic sport that will give gold medals for eating cupcakes or petting a dog, then I will continue my training. Until then, go Team USA!

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