Monday, July 2, 2012

New Goals

Monday and the heat is on! We're getting ready for the annual family July 4th celebration which means that all sous chefs will report for chopping and mixing duties tomorrow afternoon in my kitchen. I learned something quite valuable this year...that if you spread out the duties of creating the food to one another and work together, the time goes faster, the work is more efficient, and you have more fun. Therefore, Big Sis, Buttercup, Cupcake, BP Grandmom, and Grandpop and Tink will arrive at the BPM home tomorrow for KP.

On the menu, food that needs prepping includes: cooking bacon and mushrooms for burgers, chopping fruit for watermelon fruit basket, chopping veggies for snacking and pasta salad, lemon squares, cupcakes, burger making, and potato salad. If I did this alone, it would take 2 full days but with my supportive team, the actual time spent in the kitchen will be reduced to 3 hours. AND they will get lunch!

Such fun! OK, maybe not a whole lot of fun, but more fun together than alone. PLUS I get to see my little Cupcake!

On to the big kid....yes, he is back from coaching at the baseball camp and in great spirits. On Thursday, he will see the surgeon again who will or will not clear him to throw. He took the day off from work in the hopes that he will get the green light to pick up a ball and wing it at something like a glove, person, or wall. I want him to be prepared, however, for the inevitable.

The inevitable is that he will try to overthrow to demonstrate that the arm is in good shape. In addition, he will not be able to find the plate initially because he has not thrown since early February. AND his velocity will be down. Therefore, I want him to act as if he is in air conditioning, which means that he stays cool at all times. The velocity and accuracy will come back with time. Muscles must be rebuilt and his timing honed. That's sounds so simple, right?

Yeah, that's right. That's why I was such a dominate force on the tennis court when I came back from surgery. I mowed all the grannies down...yes? a matter of fact, two very old grannies schooled me last week as I could not do anything right. Was I upset? Yeah! Of course. These ladies were in their 70's and had me for lunch. Sure, I was totally bummed, yet realistic to know that I have to continue to work on my game. For example, Friday night, the heat was blazing. I was so prepared for the match. I thought I had everything that I needed. Except, I forgot one important hot weather tool....the rosin bag. Yes, I forgot it and could not get it out of my mind for the entire match. Rather than trying my best to play without it and adapting, my head kept wandering to where did I leave it? How could I be so stupid? Needless to say, after two hours of playing in the extreme heat, we lost. The answer to the next question is: "No, I did not lose because I did not have the rosin bag." I lost because I am a pinhead and could not get over something extremely insignificant to focus on what I was doing.

With this kind of knowledge of how a person gets when things are not 100% right, I will absolutely be able to understand my son's ups and downs over the next month as he works his way back to the mound. This year's goal is to start the games rather than come in relief. Hmmm.....It looks like I will have lots to write about as the year progresses.

With that said, it's time for me to grade a few more papers. Have a great day!

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