Monday, July 9, 2012

Film at 6

The hazy and lazy days of summer are upon us and I could not be happier. Over the weekend, I saw Moonrise Kingdom with Wildcat and Farmor (Swedish word for Granny). The movie was actually pretty good. I am not a movie critic, but it captured my attention and held it until the end of the flick.
In other words, I liked it!

Speaking of liking something, I am really 'in like' with the way Buddy has focused on his training. Today I have been assigned the task of videotaping him while he pitches. The rationale is that he can look at his technique and analyze each pitch. He knows enough about  his throw to determine whether he is pitching in a fundamentally sound way. Tink has one of those little mini cameras that will download the video immediately onto the computer.  Therefore, equipped with my little camera, I can capture the magic of each pitch then send it around the world in seconds. Crazy, isn't it?

With that said, the kid has one, not to keep his room clean, but to return to the pitching mound better than ever. I admire the perseverance and desire to continue to work hard. While working at the bakery, working out at the gym, rehabbing, and pitching sessions, he can and will return. In fact, I feel that he will be better than ever.

This is what it is all about, is a guy who has been repeatedly knocked down over the years. He gets up, dusts himself off, mutters a few salty words, picks up a ball, and continues to throw. Where did he get this work ethic? Dunno....but it makes me think that whatever he chooses to do in life, he will succeed.

Whew! That's all a mother wants...happiness, contentment, following your passion, and being able to pay the bills.....oh yeah, she would also like a little condo in Boca when all is said and done.....

Have a great day!

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